Taj Taj Lakefront Bhopal Fitness Centre


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Feel alive at our ultra-modern Techno Gym with the latest cardio machines, strength-training equipment with trainers to assist and a dedicated open space for Yoga.

Timimg:- 07:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs.

Gym Amenities
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    24x7 Gymnasium.
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    24x7 Gymnasium.
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Fitness Centre at Taj
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Tennis Court

A spectacular open-to-sky court that has you all game for a round of tennis. Located on the second floor, the Tennis Court is a vast expanse with state-of-the-art facilities for an enthralling experience. The serene backdrop of the sparkling lake may take your breath away on occasion, but is sure to keep you tethered to the game.

Infinity Pool

Situated on the 10th floor, the Infinity Pool at the Taj Lakefront is the first of its kind in Bhopal. Bask in the beauty of the Upper Lake, right from the edge of the pool, or pump your adrenaline with quick strokes once the water eases your muscles. Lounge in one of the four Jacuzzis while sipping artisanal mocktails in the lap of indulgence.