Signature Experiences at Taj Lakefront, Bhopal

Romantic Rendezvous by the Pool

Fall under the spell of an idyllic setting and a curated assortment of delicious appetizers in perfect pairing with handcrafted concoctions. The view by the pool, the serene ambience and mesmerising company make the right ingredients for a fairytale-like experience.

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Dine Under the Stars

Revel in a unique dining experience, masterfully crafted by the world-renowned chefs at Machan. The view of the Upper Lake under the star-studded velvety sky and an assortment of delectable dishes make any celebration at Machan a truly enchanting one.  

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A Vista to Relish

Nestle in the lap of nature and pamper yourself to a host of sumptuous delicacies. The panoramic view of the lake is sure to enrich your dining experience with a memorable aftertaste.  

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Serenading Infinity

Located on the 10th Floor, Infinity opens to a paradisiacal view of the Upper Lake. The alfresco space overlooking the pool creates an idyllic ambience perfect for unwinding. Take your time to savour the libations concocted by our mixologists. Treat your taste buds to the eclectic delicacies prepared by our chefs. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening at the Infinity, only made more alluring by the soothing tunes playing along.

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Tribal Food Experience

The culinary journey started from a small district of Annupur where our Executive Chef lead his team to explore the lesser-known traditions of Gond and Bhil Tribes. With 44 tribes that reside in Madhya Pradesh the cuisine is diverse as is their art, culture and heritage. The ‘Tribal Food Experience’ is an effort to showcase the richness of this region with an immersive experience that encompasses the food and culture of the tribes.

Pricing for 02: INR 5550 + taxes

Inclusion: Includes a travel and tickets to the tribal museum for 2 followed by a specially curated ‘Tribal Thali Meal’ (Tribal Museum is closed on Monday)

Note: To book an experience, a 06-hour notice is required which can be done by calling the hotel at +91 7554370000

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