Earn TAPPMe points

Your organisation will be awarded with points for every materialised reservation at the participating hotels 
The value of rewards will be directly proportional to spends on room, made by the guests during their stay at participating hotels. A member organisation will earn 1 point for every INR 2,000 of room revenue materialised and paid for, excluding taxes, at a participating properties. Spends on conference, weddings, groups and banquets do not qualify for points.
For hotel stays of over 30 days, points will be earned only for the first 30 days of stay.
Please Note:
TAPPMe points will be awarded only on materialised revenue and post-payment of bills.
For any clarifications, please get in touch with the us on 

Redeem TAPPMe points

You can send requests for redemption through email - 
By accessing your account online and filling the TAPPMe Form (page 1, page 2) and mailing it to us.
Each member organisation is assigned one official as the Authorised Signatory/Approving Authority (who also signs on the Enrolment Form) for all redemption requests sent by participating branches of the Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Member.

It will take us 2 weeks to deliver requests for Taj Holiday packages and dining certificates and 6-8 weeks for other rewards. We will send an email to the Approving Authority in your organisation confirming the receipt of your redemption request. Except for instances where we receive a return mail from the approving authority within 24 hours instructing us to stop the processing of the request, we shall consider it as a valid request and fulfil it. All redemptions will be processed subject to all outstanding payments being settled, prior to the request reaching us.