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Coorg Tour Packages by Taj Holidays

This land of brave warriors and wild forests, tucked away in the mist-topped hills of the Western Ghats is known locally as Kodagu. Coorg is home to thriving coffee plantations and beautiful vistas that will take your breath away.

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Concierge Recommends

Spend a morning with elephants
Open :9:00-6:00
Take a boat ride to Dubare Elephant Camp on the other side of the river, where the jumbos playfully splash themselves with water on their ritual morning bath. You can also help feed them and go for exciting rides.
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Discover a slice Of Tibet
Open :7.00AM-8.00PM
Visit Bylakuppe’s beautiful Namdroling Monastery, the main teaching centre of the Nyingma line of Tibetan Buddhism. Serenity abounds at the feet of the three 60ft gold-plated statues, of the Buddha of Long Life, Guru Rinpoche, and Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.
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Sample Some Coffee
A coffee-plantation tour is an immersive experience where you can see young coffee beans, smell freshly-plucked pepper straight off the vines and taste a fresh pod of cardamom.
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Explore Madikeri Fort
Open :8:00-6:00
Step into the Sultan of Mysore’s erstwhile fort, now converted into the city’s municipal headquarters. Gaze at its unique architecture and marvel at the life-sized masonry elephant standing tall at the entrance.
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Pick up the finer nuances of farming
Walk through a plantation to gain first-hand knowledge on how pepper vines are planted, learn how to pluck a coffee bean the right way, and know what a cocoa bean really tastes like before it is transformed into a sinful treat.
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Rajas Tombs
Open :9.30AM-5.30PM
Built in the beautiful Indo-Saracenic style, the Raja’s Tombs hold the remains of the local Kodava royalty. Tread the pretty gravel path and travel back in time to another area where beautiful carvings line the entrance of the tomb.
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Madikeri Fort
Open :10.00AM-5.30PM
Once a stronghold of Tipu Sultan, the erstwhile ruler of Mysore, Madikeri Fort now houses the city’s municipal headquarters. Step inside, and discover a unique hexagonal palace, a Colonial-era church and so much more. Don’t miss marvelling at the life-sized masonry elephants near the entrance.
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Rajas Seat
Open :5.30AM-8.00PM
The Raja’s Seat is undeniably the most popular spot in Coorg from where spectacular vistas of the quaint town can be enjoyed. The observation deck, concealed between lush gardens might, on a good day, give you a glimpse of the valley below, cocooned in thick fog.
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Bring Home Your Favourite Brew
Coffee plantations flourish in this region, making it the perfect destination from where to bring back coffee beans or aromatic coffee powder so you can savour that perfect brew back home. You can choose from roasted beans, freshly ground coffee and packaged coffee powder at any of the stores in town.
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Indulge In Some Sweetness
Unadulterated, organic honey, is one of Coorg’s well-kept secrets. All this nourishing sweet goodness is easily found at the Coorg Progressive Bee-keeper’s Co-operative Society’s store.
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Gather the beans
A holiday in the misty Coorg hills is sure to turn you into a coffee enthusiast forever. Bring back some coffee beans to brew your own pot at home, or keep some in a jar on your desk as a fragrant reminder of your blissful retreat!
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Bathe The Pachyderms
Open :9.00AM-11.00AM
The elephants at the Dubare Elephant Camp are much enjoyed by tourists especially during their bathing time down by the river. Young tourists enjoy playing in the water with these gentle giants while also feeding them or going on an exciting elephant, ride
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Find a sweet surprise
Open :9:30-9:30
Established in 1954, the Coorg Progressive Bee-Keeper’s Co-operative Society store is the perfecr place to buy the famed Kodagu honey. Buy several jars for carrying back for consumption or as gifts.
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Take in a lovely sunset
Open :7:00-7:30
The Raja' Seat viewpoint is located where the Kodava kings once watch the sun set over their lands. Stroll past manicured lawns to a viewpoint that juts out to give you sweeping views of lush foliage and mountains as far as the eye can see. Sit on a bench and enjoy the cool breeze as you take in a stunning sunset. 
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