Signature Experiences

All About You
Our palace butlers, trained as knowledgeable hosts, guarantee unforgettable moments at the palace and in the city. Anything you desire is transformed into a personalised guest experience.
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Spectacular Arrival
Decorated camels, horses and elephants ceremoniously welcome you while ladies dressed in Rajasthani attire perform the 'aarti' and 'tikka' ceremonies to the music of the Shehenai.
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Unique Dining
Dine privately anywhere you wish, with the majestic palace as a backdrop. The fairy tale settings, handcrafted menus and impeccable service create culinary memories to be cherished forever.
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History And Architecture
The finest Rajput traditions and heritage pour out of every brick and cornice of the famed Rambagh Palace. Built in 1835, its elegant rooms, marbled corridors and majestic gardens echo with history.
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Heritage Walk
Join us for an insightful and entertaining walk around the palace. Our butlers keep you enthralled with rich and varied stories, and anecdotes of yesteryears’ maharajas. Watch history come alive.
Rambagh Palace/Jaipur/India
Jiva Spa
Explore the philosophy of Jiva or ‘Innerforce’ inherent to India’s ancient approach to wellness.
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