Dining Experiences at Baghvan, A Taj Safari - Pench National Park

Poolside Dinner
Dinner by the poolside is one of the most tranquil experiences at this safari lodge. The crisp night air is pleasant and the lanterns cast a reflection on the water adding to the charm of the evening. Tables for each set of guests are placed around the pool and served by attentive butlers. It is an unhurried experience as guests enjoy a sumptuous meal ending with traditional Indian desserts and soothing camomile tea.
Baghvan Swimming Pool
Mahua Dinner
A large old Mahua tree with sprawling branches provides a perfect canopy for a lantern lit dinner. crackling bonfire. Live food counters are placed in a semi-circle and whiffs of delicate aromas rise from the grill. Guests enjoy delicious canapés and swap stories with an eclectic mix of guests from around the world, before settling down to an elaborate dinner under the stars.
Romantic Private Dining at Baghvan - Pench National Park A Taj Safari Lodge
Interactive dinner on the Deck
A covered wooden deck along the dry river bed running parallel to the Pench national park is one of the most exciting dining venues. One can often spot deer and jackals that use the riverbed as a pathway. An array of Indian street food is served from a hand cart for appetisers, while hot breads are served directly from the tandoor to pair with succulent kebabs, curries and lentils. Chefs explain the dishes and the therapeutic effects of various ingredients. Guests are thrilled to hear night jars or the occasional hoot of a barn owl from the jungle while dining in the safety of the deck.
Interactive Culinary Sessions at Baghvan - Pench National Park A Taj Safari Lodge
Bonnet Breakfast
A sumptuous breakfast is set up on the safari vehicle bonnet deep in the jungle. Freshly baked muffins and cookies along with sandwiches, fresh fruit and hot kathi rolls are washed down with freshly plunged coffee and a selection of teas. A perfect refuelling for the rest of the morning safari.
Indulgent Park Breakfasts at Baghvan - Pench National Park A Taj Safari Lodge
Private Dinner
A romantic dinner at Baghvan is a phenomenon best experienced. Each Guest bungalow has an open wooden deck overlooking the forest, forming an intimate spot for a romantic dinner. A table for two is laid out complete with a snowy table cloth and tea light candles. Service by a private butler is efficient yet unobtrusive. A perfect evening of peace, excellent service and delicious fare with no time frame for guests to savour the experience.
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