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Top Monsoon Destinations in India

By Taj Holidays |Updated On August 19, 2023 - 6 minutes read |


Escape the summer heat and explore the best places to visit in India during the monsoon season. From lush rainforests to misty hills, discover the top monsoon destinations for a beautiful getaway.

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04Taj Holidays

The rains usher in a wave of nostalgia, romance, gleaming smiles and wistful memories. Happy dancing feet, the smell of wet mud, hot tea and hors d'oeuvre, cheering on paper boats, and long walks. If you are amongst those who enjoy everything a little more when the skies are grey, it's the perfect opportunity to get away from the grind and plan a holiday filled with trekking, panoramic views of lush greenery and reading by a window with thunder and rain as your soundtrack.

Choose from myriad destinations which complement the rainy season to perfection, setting the mood and uplifting your spirits. With stays in destinations like Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and more, with Taj Holidays you can experience lush havens that are out of the ordinary. Relive old memories or create new ones with friends, family and loved ones, with this list of hotels perfect for the monsoon season.


The swaying palm trees, the harmonious play of the rain on the waves, and the susegad vibes make relaxation an effortless task. The famous party-state gets a makeover in the rains when serenity reigns supreme, and the landscape offers the best of nature for travellers to revel in. Goa’s lush paddy fields and greenscapes come alive with petricor and thick foliage. The usual tourist crowds are sparse, making it a peaceful destination for those who want to enjoy natural wonders. Experience waterfalls like Dudhsagar at their roaring best, wildlife sanctuaries that come alive with birdsong and trekking and hiking adventures galore.

Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, Goa

Nothing beats a luxury rainy retreat with endless views of the Arabian Sea and thick foliage, all in one place. Indo-Portuguese architectural nuances like Romanesque arches, terracotta roofs, pillared verandahs, and central courtyards take you back in time. The rooms are adorned with an understated elegance and local artefacts, featuring balconies to experience the rainfall from a partially enclosed space. The villas at Taj Holiday Villas Resort & Spa have classic blue and white Portuguese tiling and a private lawn to sit under a parasol or gaze at the lush landscaped gardens. Relish your favourite Southeast Asian cuisine under a 300-year old Banyan tree at the eponymous eatery. For a more eclectic feel, sip drinks by the sea-side Drift or relish iconic Goan dishes at the Beach House restaurant. As you usher in the night, the gentle drizzles and the sweet sound of the waves will drift you into a good sleep, while the mornings will cue in the chirpings, the smell of wet mud, and greenery all around.

Cidade de Goa- IHCL SeleQtions

Located on Vainguinim beach, Cidade de Goa delivers the rainy essence of Goa in an elemental form. Immerse yourself in the play of showers from the frame of your window- the beautiful grey skies, the cool breeze that makes the palm trees dance, and the melody of the raindrops. The architectural highlights at this property are the overhanging balcaos, the historic murals, and the chequered floors. For those looking for a room with a rainy day view, choose the suite as your place to relax. The Mediterranean aesthetics and an abundance of space make every room ooze with comfort and style. For the gourmands, there are four restaurants to choose from. Go local at the Portuguese influenced restaurant Alfama, as live music serenades you. The open-air sea-facing restaurant Barbeque is perfect for grilled and seafood delicacies on a dry night. A perfect place to rekindle memories cocooned in nature’s luxuries, where the skies are happy grey, the ocean roaring blue, the spaces emerald green, and the feeling of warmth at its very best.



Dubbed as ‘God’s own country’, there is something to love about every aspect of Kerala. It transforms itself into a stunning paradise during the monsoons. The rain-drenched hills grace the backwaters and the cloudy sunsets compliment the aroma of the rollicking tea and coffee plantations. The showers also heighten the feeling of romance with surreal vistas, making it all the more cheerful. With the onset of harvest, comes the 10-day grand festival of Onam that is pompously celebrated in the state. The Onam Sadya on banana leaves, boat races, and costume parades make it an ideal place to embrace the monsoons with an infusion of culture.

Taj Bekal Resort & Spa, Kerala

Taj Bekal Resort & Spa is submerged in luxury on Kappil beach, set against flowing backwaters and epicurean delights, making it a sanctuary to enjoy the decadence of the monsoon season. The vast landscaped gardens burst with color at the onset of showers and the laterite villas designed in the shape of Ketuvallam houseboats let you savour the soul of the rains as you sway in your private swing to the sound of pitter patter. Reflections of Kerala’s heritage are seen in the palm leaf drawings called Chitra Pothi recreated on tussar silk that adorns the property. The rooms and villas feature private courtyards with plunge pools and rain showers, a harmonious way to appreciate nature when it pours. When hunger calls, head to Backwater Cafe to savour Kerala cuisine alongside the backwaters and quench your thirst at Ivory Bar, known for its signature cocktails. Imagine being immersed in a sacred spa treatment with the sound of the rain as your background score, it is in that moment you will experience pure bliss.


Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kovalam

As you trace your steps into Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kovalam a breath of tranquillity engulfs you. Nestled on a hillock overlooking the ocean, the property is a myriad of contrasting hues. The blue ocean water, the emerald green trees, the champagne coloured sky, and the colourful flowers. All rooms and villas are influenced by a Balinese style, accompanied by views of the sea and garden that appear to blend into one another amidst heavy rainfall. In the evenings, you can relish Keralite tea-time snacks under a canopy as the sun sets in the backdrop or if it is dry, set out for jogs along the shoreline. The raindrops on the infinity pool and on your backwater boat ride in the lagoon shouldn't deter you from trying these experiences. To tantalize your taste buds, there are seafood specialities at Bait, continental and Asian cuisine at Jasmine Bay, and signature cocktails at Neera Bar. All in all, the property gains a gorgeous perspective when you are at the core of monsoon’s abundance.


This nature-rich southern state is where chasing monsoon joy is an emotion. The rains sprinkle an alluring charm over the Western Ghats and the coastal regions get a picturesque makeover. Misty mornings, the serene coffee plantations, and endless stretches of palm trees put up a great show as the first drops hit the ground . Karnataka is an idyllic getaway to welcome the monsoons with a heady mix of wildlife, cinematic stills, history, heritage, and hard to miss flavorful delicacies.

Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, Coorg

Step into this panoramic, 180-acre, lush rainforest and you will be drawn towards the wondrous allure of the rains. Perched on a hill sharing space with more than 200 species of plants, Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa comes alive in all its abundance as the showers bless it. The open-to-sky entrances give you starry sky and electric lightning views, the large windows overlook misty fog that hides the chirping birds as the gushing rainfall over the rainforest, provides solace. An indulgent stay at the Luxury Villa lets you enjoy a heated plunge pool with a fully retractable roof that can be made open-to-sky, a butler pantry, and a cosy fireplace. The heated infinity pool means you can take a dip regardless of the temperature or the rain, and just be in silence. Set out on a nature trail and witness flowers in full bloom, branches of berry trees heavy with hanging fruit, or walks into the spirited clouds that will occasionally pay you a visit.


Gateway Chikmagalur- IHCL SeleQtions

This heritage property in the coffee county of Chikmagalur is where the rains unfurl an extravagant show of nature’s artistry. The exquisitely restored colonial architecture, rooms with mountain views, and a serene lake are perfect settings to celebrate the monsoons as you sip on freshly brewed coffee. The rooms at Gateway Chikmagalur – IHCL SeleQtions are generous in space with a contemporary touch, and private balconies offering sights of the Eucalyptus trees. The restaurants have an authentic take on food complimented with a rustic ambience. Take Mukwada Bar, for example, where the raindrops falling on tiled roofs stir melody, and the flavourful Malanadu cuisine makes for a traditional appeal. Peaberry allows you to enjoy a lavish spread of delicacies in the open air as the cold mist swiftly brushes by. Stroll away on the lush gardens or read that long-pending bestseller, as the rains uplift your mood and caresses you with a serene aura.

With this gorgeous list of properties there’s no reason for rainy day blues. Lush greenery, sweeping vistas and hospitality which is warm and welcoming awaits you. Your rainy holiday is only highlighted by the sights and sounds of dramatic skies and rainfall, making for unforgettable memories.

Taj Holidays

With the best in class hospitality, inimitable dining, unique recreational experiences, picturesque locations & exciting getaway packages, cherish moments for a lifetime with Taj Holidays. Every holiday is crafted with impeccable details just for you and your loved ones.

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