Taj Wellness Retreats

Introducing Taj Wellness Retreats. A soulful journey crafted for holistic rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. With serene locations, nourishing local cuisine and our unique touch of warmth and luxury, each of these retreats is designed to permit deep rest and allow one to embrace a relaxed and natural way of living. Seemingly simple tools and moments are used to help one disengage from everyday monotony and embark on a journey of self-discovery. These retreats are thoughtfully designed by our wellness experts to pamper and indulge, heal and nourish, restore and reenergise. 

Our Wellness Programmes

Wellness Retreats in India



Explore an indulgent experience of revitalisation and wellness. Heal yourself with therapeutic treatments, immersive experiences, guided yoga, meditation and more. [Five-nights, All-inclusive]


Jiva Spa Shastika Sali Pinda Swedam TAJ BEKAL RESORT & SPA



Ayurveda defines health as happiness and disease as sorrow. It has a two-fold objective - to attain Sukha that is happiness and more importantly to prolong this state of bliss. Ayurveda believes changes in diet, climate and lifestyle can trigger body imbalances and that it is paramount to treat the root cause of each ailment rather than the symptoms. Take the path to holistic well-being and experience the best of India’s time-honoured science of healing with our trained experts and authentic therapies. [14-nights, All-inclusive]

Detox your body & mind at Jiva Spa Therapy



Take a break from the stresses of the world, go on a much needed digital detox and leave your cares behind. Enter a world of serenity and revitalise yourself with healing therapies and mindful moments.