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Timeless Weddings Concierge by the Taj

From prepping you and planning the most important day of your life to sending you off on a honeymoon of unadulterated luxury, the Timeless Weddings Concierge by the Taj seamlessly puts together intricate nuptial nuances to offer you an effortless and personalized experience. We bring you a whole host of services and a single point of contact to plan, conceptualize, execute and, most importantly, get you ready for your dream wedding. From the second you sign up with them, we promise that the pre wedding bustle won’t be half as stressful as you imagine.

Beauty and the Best

Bridal Bouquets from JIVA Spa and fitness sessions Your wedding is one of the few occasions that require you to look and feel fabulous. Timeless Weddings Concierge by the Taj brings you two Bridal Bouquets—each one specially crafted by JIVA Spa for brides-to be. Think traditional homemade facials, body scrubs, sublime massages, aromatic blends that enhance your beauty sleep. For a holistic approach to your well-being as you count the days to your big day, sign up for yoga, and meditation services with a personal instructor and fitness consultant.

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Exfoliate, stimulate, eliminate Traditional Indian scrubs and wraps for the body Hridayãkasha Dhãrna for the mind A beauty rehearsal to zero in on what suits you best

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Luxurious signature facials for a flawless glow. Sublime massage for the soles of your feet Profound relaxation

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Manicures, Pedicures and all in between A perfect start to a new beginning. God lies in the details Finishing touches, Bridal make-up A new look, a new You.

Prelude to forever

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Engagement Party

Announce the promise of your love to the world as you take the first step towards holy matrimony, surrounded by the love and warmth of friends and family.

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Cocktails & Sangeet

For what is undoubtedly the most exciting part of a grand Indian wedding, we create the perfect ambience for your guests and you to dance, sing and make merry.

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Bridal Shower & Bachelorette

Feel like the princess that you are at your bridal shower and bachelorette, as you prepare to embark on your never-ending fairy tale.

When Dreams Come True

Ensuring that your wedding day is everything you imagined it to be. A wedding is a significant rite of passage. A moment you’ve dreamed of even as a little girl. Timeless Weddings Concierge by the Taj plans everything to perfection, so that your girlhood dreams see light of day. From fixing a venue, planning floral decorations and banquet set ups to menu samplings at the Chef Studio, room bookings and assistance with make-up, mehendi and hair, there will be a dedicated person holding your hand through it all. With their Allied Services, they also recommend the best wedding planners, card printers, photographers, florists and décor consultants in town.

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A grand banquet at the Taj is an orchestra of beautiful venues, mood lighting, great music, attentive service, and spectacular food and wine - all lending the event a sumptuous air that needs to surround a celebration. Whether you fancy a beach affair with a walk down a sandy aisle, an old world vintage ceremony, from sacred vows to stolen intimate moments, everything is even more perfect with a bespoke wedding curated by the Taj.

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A legendary wedding banquet is the legacy of a legendary chef. For it is he who masterminds a seven-course meal, a sit-down dinner or a buffet. At the Taj, our chefs command an intricate knowledge of all local and world cuisines. No matter what you choose, the grand master chefs at the Taj will give your wedding feast a culinary twist.

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Allied Services

Our expertise in planning weddings comes from years of experience and settling for nothing but the best in the business. We can connect you to the right people and help create the intricate nuances that make for a spectacular evening. With our allied services, we also recommend the best wedding planners, card printers, photographers, florists and décor consultants in town.

** Offer applicable at select Taj Hotels and Palaces

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