Signature Experiences

Dining By The Pool
With a charming view of the pool, a glimpse of an erstwhile brick factory and a gourmet meal on offer, dining by the pool is a true Taj experience. Enjoy an exclusive and memorable banquet spread after you’re done exploring the city.
Experience the Luxury Private Dining by the Pool at Taj Yeshwantpur - 4x3
Vineyard Experience

Taj Yeshwantpur offers an exclusive and memorable vineyard experince at Bangalore Soma Vineyards an oasis of verdant greenery and tranquil charm. It is a distinctive boutique vineyard built to reflect a sense of beauty that is crafted with immense passion.Enveloped by the majestic Makali hills and edged by a crystal clear lake, it makes a perfect spot to experience these green and suburban vineyards.


• A Guided Vineyard Tour 

• Corporate Offsite Activities

• Intimate Weddings  

• Get together

• Team outing

• Celebrate milestones

• Fond farewells

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