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Holding centre-court amongst the dining experiences, is Tragopan, the All-Day Diner. Inspired by the western Tragopan, the rarest of all living pheasants, called Jujurana or the “King of Birds” in the Kullu district, the restaurant serves an enviable selection of Pahari Cuisine, known for its robust spices and flavours aside from mainstream classics for the global palette and a range of comfort food. As bright and feather worthy as the state bird. Remember to round off the meal with the Cinnamon Apple Strudel, that does ample justice, or should we say apple justice.

Local provincial classics, like the Chhaa Gosht, a lamb preparation, the Sidu fermented bread and more, co engineered with home chefs give locavores much reason to cheer, and reasons to stick around for afternoon bites.

(Vegetarians score a coup here. 1,300 years ago, Jaistambh, the then-King of Himachal Pradesh, ordered his chef to prepare a meal akin to the Kashmiri Wazwan but without using meat. Thus, was born a new menu in Himachali cuisine, eventually known as Dham. These are satvik meals made with only lentils and dairy products, made in pot shaped copper vessels, slow cooked on woodfire.)

If you prefer your meals with a healthy helping of views, the Al-fresco is possibly the most coveted position of the resort where the genre of all-day dining literally comes alive with chameleonic skylines, that change with the path of the sun. Ideally consumed with Tchaku Cha (salty butter tea) an indigenous special kind of black tea with a bit of butter, milk and salt or Chulli, fermented wild apricot.

Cuisine - Indian,Global
Timings - 07.00 to 23.00
Dress code -
Average Price for 2 people
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