Taj Samudra’s Crab Factory is the new indulgence for crab lovers. With a restaurant dedicated for the sole purpose of tantalizing your taste buds with a unique array of crabs prepared according to your preferences, it certainly is the place to dine in style. Committed towards achieving high quality and consistent dishes that come to your table, the crab menu features an array of delicious cooking methods like bake, fry, braised and steamed. These authentically prepared dishes are further enhanced by the blending of distinct Asian flavors consisting of fresh herbs, mustard oil, fresh turmeric, Kashmir chili and garam masala which is then prepared to perfection.The freshly caught crabs vary in size and are served as traditional Sri Lankan crab curry and tandoori style crabs with the accompaniments such as butter naan, roast paan and strings.The experienced Chefs are eager to please the guests with their expertly concocted dishes. In keeping with the restaurant’s “in season” philosophy, the dishes, sauces and soups are freshly prepared in house on a daily basis. Though the restaurant per se is a veritable treasure trove for the single-minded crab aficionado, it offers a vast selection of sea food dishes and more from jumbo prawns, cuttle fish and lobsters. The menu places a high value on authenticity and taste with soups and appetizers such as mud crab cakes, crab pakoras and crab cocktails, leaving guests spoiled for choice. Moreover, one could not ignore the Crab Factory signature hot pot which is a fusion of many dishes bursting with flavour.
Cuisine - Crabs and other Seafood
Lunch - 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Dress code - Smart Casual
Dinner - 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Average Price for 2 people
CRAB FACTORY Restaurant at Taj Samudra, Colombo
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