Signature Experiences at Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa, Uttarakhand

Devprayag Diaries

Explore the mysticism behind 'Devprayag’ where the rivers Bhagirathi, Alaknanda & the mythological Saraswati (flowing underground) meet to form river Ganga. 35 kms upstream from Taj Rishikesh is the spiritual haven where this confluence happens - Devprayag. Our experience manager will organize your holy bath at Sangam (the confluence) followed by a Satvik (a vegetarian Indian menu) tiffin lunch lovingly packed by our Chef.

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The Singthali Birding Trek
The trek is guided and led by one of the nature-experts of the adventure outfit at Taj Rishikesh. The journey starts from the resort, goes across one of the most stunning cable-suspension bridges and winds its way to the opposite side of the river, through the Singthali forest from where you see Taj Rishikesh and its terraced perch. En route you encounter a cave, the tattoo fern, the benevolent cactus tree, several instagram camp points and a massive pebble beach. This 3 kms trek will take you exactly opposite the resort. A raft will bring you back to our private beach on this side of the Ganges. This quiet and serene trek might be a lucky one for you to have a chance encounter with a local hill antelope ‘Kaankad'. Birds of many a feather during the trek are a near certainty.
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Ganga Aarti
A "soul stirring" experience, the Ganga Aarti organised by the resort is blissful paean to the river noblesse Ganges, mystical and magical in equal measure.
Evening Ganga Arti
Yoga and Meditation
Yoga is an eternal science representing the universal need to evolve and transcend all limitations. Ancient mystics and seers discovered a way of connecting to the source of life within us. Jiva Spa continues this time-honoured tradition by abiding by the rules and practices of the Bihar School of Yoga – a holistic form of yoga that integrates physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions equally.
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Himalayan Mountain Drive and Trek
Our Mountain drive of approximately 24 Kms, takes you to a height of 1524 meters above sea level offering some spectacular views of the valleys as well as a rare glimpse of the snow- capped Himalayan ranges on clear days. On your way back, we have an option to trek down from Chamrada Devi Temple to Saudpani village. This is a beautiful 2.5 Km trek and takes approximately one hour to complete. Our vehicle will pick up the guests at Saudpani and transfer them back to the resort. The ideal time for this activity is either early morning or late evenings as this offers you the best chance of spotting the Himalayan range and the sunrise or sunset.
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Pebble Beach Nature Walk
Enjoy the nature walk by the beach led by our expert. Pick your favourite spot on the private beach, sit yourself down and just listen to the river Ganga pass by with a giggle. It washes away every bit of stress that’s cranked up in your shoulders. Try your hand at balancing some smoothed pebbles on the beach. It’s utterly relaxing and restores harmony to the senses.
Pebble Beach Walk at Taj Rishikesh