Signature Experiences at Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Cochin

Fitness Centre
Break into a sweat in the well-equipped, high-tech fitness centre in Cochin. Open around the clock, it offers a huge space to work out and allows you to focus on yourself in the most luxuriously comfortable gym in Cochin.
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Business Centre
OVAL – THE BUSINESS CENTRE Working in the right setting is a foolproof way to succeed. Oval – The Business Centre is the perfect place for productivity in Cochin. Wired with top-speed connectivity, it is open around the clock and armed with high-tech connectivity, with ample room to accommodate at least 10 to 12 guests.
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Village Backwater Cruise
The enchanting 45-minute drive to the outskirts of Cochin sets the tone for the rest of this experience. The Village Backwater cruise by Taj gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of this beautiful region. A halt at a village home gives you an amazing learning opportunity as you watch and make coir ropes. It’s something distinctive to add to your list of new skills and experiences.
Romantic Rendezvous Offer by Taj
Leisure Services
What would you like to do today? Laze by the pool? Explore the city? Cruise on the backwaters? Plan a romantic evening without the kids? What about a visit to a backwater village just a short distance away? Enjoy being rowed by a traditional boatman in a canoe. Visit the Cochin Port Maritime Museum, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Whether it's edgy or unexpected, we can arrange it. Taj loves to delight.
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Fishing And Rice Boat
Feel the thrill of fishing as you venture into the waters from Dolphin’s point. The gorgeous scenery and the thrill of hooking a fish successfully make your appetite sweeter. It all culminates in an extremely delicious seafood meal, made from your catch, at the best seafood restaurant in Cochin.
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Breakfast Cruise

"Feast on a hot and utterly delicious breakfast while sailing on the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Can you imagine a breakfast experience that’s more invigorating? No ambience can beat that of chirping birds, waving trees and village life at its best.

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Sunset Cruise

All our inhouse guests are welcome to join us at 0530 PM daily for a Sunset cruise in the harbour for 45 mins (subject to weather conditions)

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Cultural show

We offer a half hour cultural show daily to our inhouse guests at 0700 PM and this gives us a chance to showcase local culture in the State of Kerala.

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All in-house guests are welcome to join us daily at no extra charge for the following:

05.00 pm for tea / coffee and local snacks. This is followed by Sunset cruise in the harbour at 5.30 PM. And then lighting of the lamp ceremony at 06.30PM and thereafter a half hour cultural show with us at 07.00 PM.

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