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Explore the Hidden Marvels of Dubai with a Stay at Taj Hotels

Dubai is a 21st-century Arab city that is constantly reinventing itself to provide everything a global citizen could need, with innumerable opportunities for entertainment, trade and commerce. Step out and soak in the contrast between frenzied modern life and the traditional communities that are still preserved in the older quarters.

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Hit The Beaches
Choose from a range of beaches: the white-sand Jumeirah Open Beach that is popular with locals, or the Jumeirah Beach Park, which has a grassy area, picnic tables, barbecue facilities, walkways and food stalls. Umm Suqeim Beach offers a quieter experience, and a view of the iconic Burj al Arab
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Dubai Aquarium
Open :10.00AM-11.00PM
The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo houses a marine world populated by thousands of creatures swimming amid artificial coral. Expect sharks and rays, massive groupers among other wonderful beings. You will find a 5-metre-long Australian crocodile named King Croc in the Underwater Zoo.
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The Bastakia Quarter
Wander through the Bastakia Quarter to get an understanding of traditional Arabian architecture and culture. The maze of narrow lanes are lined with low-lying buildings that still showcase the arabesque windows, gypsum screens and wind towers that were once typical to this part of the world.
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Stroll By Dubai Creek
Wander along Dubai Creek to marvel at, or take an evening cruise on, the colourful dhows – long, flat-bottomed wooden boats used in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. These have been docking here since the 1830s, and ferry goods to Dubai from Oman, India, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.
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Experience The World Largest Shopping Center
Open :10.00AM-11.00PM
At Dubai Mall, you will find over one thousand two hundred stores and one hundred and sixty food outlets competing for your attention. Besides these, don’t miss the Olympic-sized ice-skating rink and the Dubai Aquarium, and stop by the Dubai Fountain in the evening.
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Visit The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
Open :9.00AM-4.00PM
The main draw at this impressive nature preserve in the heart of the city is the birds. Discover a world beyond the striking, flamboyant pink flamingos. Concealed among the salt flats, lagoons, mangroves and inter-tidal mud flats you will encounter over two hundred and seventy varied avian species.
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Find The Old Alongside The New At The Madinat Jumeirah
Visit this shopping destination-cum-entertainment village to experience a beautiful blend of the modern and the traditional in Dubai. A tasteful interpretation of a traditional village the Madinat Jumeirah has has waterways, villas with wind towers, and a souq, at which you will find exquisite crafts, art and souvenirs.
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The Museum Of The Future

Museum of the future, a gleaming architectural landmark which epitomizes the city's commitment to sustainability, futuristic ideologies, and innovation. This museum is a vibrant centre for learning about cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and space exploration thanks to its distinctive stainless-steel facade and engaging exhibits. 

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