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Art and History
Explore the Hidden Marvels of Kolkata with a Stay at Taj Hotels

Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, Kolkata was the first British-era capital of the subcontinent. It is considered to be the country’s most cultured city, with a stellar literary and artistic heritage. Colonial architecture shares space with a diverse mix of local experiences here.

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Dig Into Some Local Food
Kolkata’s street food is legendary, and the delightful puchka is a unique gastronomic experience. Epicureans will enjoy a variety of street foods like kati rolls, which are kebabs wrapped in a paratha, invented for ease of eating. Calcutta momos, too, are nothing short of divine.
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Take Home Bengali Sweets
Kolkata is most popular for its range of sweet treats Pick from the famous rossogollas and sandesh to the healthier mishti doi and enjoy them fresh. You might find yourself so addicted to them that might want to take back a pound or two for sweet memories.
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Absorb Some Learning
Open :10:00 Hours-17:00 Hours
The Indian Museum is India’s oldest and largest museum, built around a graceful, cloistered courtyard. Browse the sections, from archaeology and art to natural history and industry, or simply stroll through a lovely, almost secret garden that you will find here.
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Victoria Memorial
Open :10:00 Hours-17:00 Hours
Built in memory of Queen Victoria and fashioned out of white marble, this grand structure counts among the most marvellous buildings in India and is rich in architectural detail. The museum within is worth exploring, while the surrounding gardens offer photogenic views across mirror-like ponds.
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Kalighat Temple
Open :05:00 Hours-22:30 Hours
The magnificent Kalighat Temple is Kolkata’s holiest spot for Hindus. One of the Shakti Peethas, a site of worship devoted to the Goddess Shakti, this temple is built at the site at which the toes of Sati are believed to have fallen during the course of Lord Shiva’s Rudra Tandava.
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Eco Park
Open :5:00 AM-10:30 PM

Along with its rich history and heritage, Kolkata is also known for its largest Eco Tourism Park in the country. Situated in the New Town area of Rajarhat, this urban park is spread across an area of around 190 hectares of land.

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