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A picturesque village in north Kerala, Bekal is a land with a storied past. Here, sun-kissed beaches, majestic forts, meandering rivers and rich traditions tell beautiful stories, harking back to an ancient time.

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Discover The Backwaters
Go kayaking on the palm-fringed backwaters of the Kappil River that meanders through the lush spread of Taj – Bekal. Glide over the tranquil waters, disturbed only by the comings and goings of dainty little birds and your splashing paddles.
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Buy Bronze Beauties
In Kerala, bronze (bell or gun metal) – known as odu – is used to make traditional lamps, valkannadi (hand-held mirrors) as well as uruli (a wide, shallow wok). These artefacts are collectors’ items, and can be quite heavily priced.
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Madhur Temple
Open : 5:30 AM-8:00 PM
The Sree Madanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple, known better as Madhur Temple, has a unique three-tiered dome, copper-plated roofing and a cloistered court. The temple rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River, where you can take a cleansing dip.
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Befriend Feathered Creatures
Keep some time aside for a spot of birding. The coast is home to a variety of birds. You will find not just kingfishers, but also magpies, an array of sunbirds, as well as the majestic purple heron and white-bellied sea eagle.
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Malik Deenar Mosque
This mosque was built in 624 AD in the traditional Kerala style. Most intriguing is the fact that the architecture is akin to that of a temple. The trademark dome that graces the top of other Indian mosques is absent. Instead, this structure has a tiled roof similar to Indian temples.
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Bekal Fort
Open :8:00 AM-5:30 PM
The imposing Bekal Fort is among the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala. Believed to have been built in the 1600s, it is surrounded by an expanse of golden sands on three sides, providing sweeping panoramic views of the sea lashing the shore beneath.
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Pick Up Local Snacks
You cannot come to Kerala and not take with you the array of chips the region is known for. Whether it is the simple yet delicious jackfruit chips, or the sharkara upperi (jaggery-coated banana chips), there is a taste that favours every palate.
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Take Home A Kasargod Classic
The glorious, hand-woven Kasaragod sari has been around for ages. Although known for their rich colours and traditional designs, the production of these saris is now a dying tradition, with very few looms now making the detailed piece of art.
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