La Terraza

La Terraza is adjacent to La Mesa, but with outdoor seating. Ideal for casual dinners, finger-foods, high tea, a cocktail or two, and laidback conversation, this dining space ensures an atmosphere of relaxation. Indulge in the evening get-togethers become a magical affair with the twinkling Jaali lamps adding an ethereal touch, while dining at dusk helps soak in the setting sun, the nearby verdure, and the local birdlife. Intimate, yet spacious, La Terraza promises a delicious affair to remember.

Cuisine - Multi-Cuisine
Timing - 7AM- 12AM
Dress code - NA
Average Price for 2 people
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Please call   +91 141-3569700 
+91 141-3569700 
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La Terraza menu has tasty finger food options. Soon patrons will be able to savour Hi Tea in the evenings which will not only offer traditional Victorian fare but interesting Asian inspired hi tea dishes.

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