Soft, regal seating invites you in, and the cocktails, artefacts, and conversations keep you here. 1835, styled to represent an English library but with a royal touch, exudes exclusivity. Sip on your choice of drink as you embark on a spirited debate with a friend or stranger, or imbibe the zeitgeist of a past era as you explore the history of the vintage mementos in the library-themed lounge – the Spanish clock, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh’s helmet, the 100+ year old books, and more. The antique fireplace, mix of pastel and dark hues, and handpicked décor inside adds an element of elite opulence, while the al-fresco seating outside, flanked by two water features, makes for a laidback yet enviable atmosphere. 

Cuisine - Bar,Light refreshments
Timings - 12PM-12AM
Dress code - NA
Average Price for 2 people
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Please call   +91 141-3569700 
+91 141-3569700 
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1835 is all about snacks, cocktails, and a carefree attitude. It is the perfect atmosphere to let loose and truly indulge. We have a menu curated specifically for 1835 to add to the experience of the library-themed bar. The bar food menu offers eclectic fusion nibbles which combine interesting flavours like jerk spice with coconut, cheese fondue flavoured with saffron, traditional Guacamole with a hint of Kafir lime

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