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Explore the Hidden Marvels of Chandigarh with a Stay at Taj Hotels

India’s first planned city, Chandigarh, was drawn meticulously into life by the French-Swiss urban planner, Le Corbusier. Majestic government buildings set amid soothing greens and self-contained residential areas make this city a pleasure to visit and a joy to explore.

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Le Corbusier Centre
Open :10.00AM-6.00PM
Browse through photos, models, plans and the letters exchanged between the leaders of the era of Chandigarh’s construction to get a glimpse of the politics that went behind the making of India’s first planned city post-Independence.
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Walk Away With Some Jootis
Add royal flair to your style with these traditional closed leather slip-ons, usually pointed and intricately embroidered. Available for both men and women, they are usually worn with Indian outfits but will add a distinctive touch to any ensemble.
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Pick Up Some Phulkari
Phukari is distinctive of Chandigarh. It is hard to come away without picking up this beautiful fabric embroidered with vivid threads. Phulkari’ translates to ‘flower work’ and is done in thread worked from the middle of the fabric outwards.
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The Government Museum And Art Gallery
Open :9.45AM-5.00PM
A world of hidden treasures from the past awaits you at this museum. Expect everything from prehistoric dinosaur fossils and 2nd-century Greco-Buddhist Gandhara sculptures to portraits of Indian freedom fighters and 20th-century modern art.
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Tour The Planned City
Register with the local tourism office to go on an easy circuit that allows you to absorb the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. End at the towering 26-metre Open Hand installation, the perfect symbol of the city’s commitment to being ‘open to give and open to receive’.
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The Rock Garden
Open :9.00AM-6.00PM
It is hard not to be awed by this massive park of sculptures, which is just one man’s labour of love. Government official Nek Chand painstakingly and in secret, created over two thousand figures of dancing girls, animals and musicians from recyclables. The entire collection was put together and declared a public park in 1976.
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Travel To The Spectacular Pinjore Gardens
Open :7.00AM-10.00PM
Also known as Yadavindra Gardens, the Pinjore Gardens are an example of the Mughal style of garden design. These beautiful gardens were built by Nawab Fidai Khan in the 17th century.The gardens are laid out as seven terraces with many fairytale palaces.
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Take Home Pinni And Matri
Give the family and friends at home a taste of Chandigarh with pinni, a wheat-flour or gram-flour dessert that keeps well over a month, and matri, a deep-fried savoury that will make an excellent bar snack and bring back fond memories of the city with every bite.
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