We offer customised special meals and constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Veg Meals

We customise our vegetarian meals, so we can serve the vegetarian community. Our veg meals include...

Indian Meal

Designed for the Indian palate, the Indian Meal is on the spicier side and enriched with proteins, iron, calcium and other essential nutrients.

Western Veg Meal

The Western Veg Meal dispels the notion that a vegetarian meal cannot have an exotic continental flavour.

Vegan Meal

This veg meal has neither meat nor livestock derived products like lard or gelatin. Even dairy products, eggs and honey are not included.

Jain Meal

This meal caters to strict vegetarians who avoid onion, garlic or any root vegetables.

Ova-Lacto Veg Meal

This meal contains neither meat nor any lard or gelatin products, but consists of dairy products (including cheese without Rennet), eggs and honey.

Fruit Platter

This meal is a platter of fresh assorted fruit that is attractively diced and garnished.

Festive Meals

Festive Meals Our chefs are skilled in preparing special meals customised to the needs of airlines and other customers. Some of the exotic theme menus we serve include...


For the festival of lights, our Diwali menu is rich in vegetables, dry fruits and nuts.


For Onam, the Harvest Festival, we serve a variety of delicacies from Kerala.

Christmas / New Year

For Christmas and New Year, we have a special menu of turkey, Christmas pudding, roast capon, yule log, mince pies and other Christmas delicacies.

Fusion Cuisine

We serve fusion meals for First and Business Class passengers. Fusion Cuisine blends seemingly contrasting ingredients of two cuisine types.


We prepare exquisite chocolates in a variety of flavours viz., cointreau, mint, kalhua and amaretto, to name a few.

Mango Festival

We have a special mango festival to celebrate the mango season.