TajSATS was founded in 1976, long before airline catering took wing. We identified the need for world-class in-flight catering and invested in state-of-the-art facilities to provide catering that has become the talk of the industry.

With a clientele of leading international and national airlines, we are the market leader in Indian in-flight catering. While we have diversified into non-airline services, in-flight catering continues to be our mainstay.

We are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations with innovative in-flight catering services. The awards that we receive year after year bear testimony to the standards we uphold.


Our laundry services include collection of linen, laundering, sealing, packing and dispatching of clean linen. It also involves store keeping, daily issuing and maintaining an inventory of airline linen.

Our Staff Uniform Laundering and Handling service involves purchase, stitching, distribution, laundering and maintenance of winter and summer staff uniforms. The uniforms are collected as per the laundry issued to the staff. They are then washed, starched and ironed. Clean uniforms are received and put on hangers to be issued. A laundry book is maintained for inventory of the staff uniforms. The laundry also provides caps, sleeves and mouthpieces.


Our Aircraft Cleaning services consist of Cabin Cleaning and Cabin Dressing.

In Cabin Cleaning, we undertake emptying, brushing and vacuum cleaning the interiors of the aircraft. In Cabin Dressing, we undertake tidying the aircraft with fresh headrest covers, blankets and pillows, replenishing toiletries, restocking seat pockets with in-flight literature and sprucing up the cabin with room fresheners.

The average time taken for the whole process is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. 


TajSATS provides in-flight catering services to charter flights ex-India. We serve customised meals to dignitaries, captains of industry, celebrities and high net worth individuals on board charter flights. We are the market leader in in-flight catering for charter services in India.


Our laboratory conducts routine microbiological analysis of various products. Samples analysed daily include raw, semi-processed and finished food products, water, ice cubes, hand swabs, equipment swabs, linen swabs and environmental counts.

Daily random food temperature checks are carried out at various stages from receipt to despatch. All temperature probes used for checking core temperature of food are calibrated half-yearly. Cold storage temperatures are monitored every six hours. Indicator and probes are calibrated every year. A Billing Management System monitors the temperature of all cold storages and deep freezers on a daily basis.

Detailed Investigation of Foreign Objects Complaints, from external and internal sources on flights and in-house is carried out in the laboratory. Also, pest control processes are undertaken on all equipment, vehicles and premises.

The Fat and Solid Non-Fat content of milk and the fat content of cream is checked daily and reports are communicated to the purchase department immediately. The gluten content and moisture content in every batch of flour is checked and reports are communicated to the Purchase department.

Each batch of detergent and chlorine is checked for active matter and concentration respectively.


Our state-of-the-art refrigerated hiloaders are designed to service a variety of aircraft, ranging from small ATRs to jumbo jets. As all-purpose vehicles, these new hiloaders add value to our young fleet of vehicles.


TajSATS offers international airlines facilities for storage of equipment, perishables and non-perishables. This service is offered with the consent of the Commissioner of the Indian Customs Department. The airlines are involved in the import of airline stock items for re-export, and not for home consumption.