TajSATS Air Catering Limited is a joint venture of the Indian Hotels Company Limited and SATS Limited. TajSATS has over 38 years of experience in Airline Catering and other related businesses.

The company provides in–flight catering at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa and Bangalore.

TajSATS has facilities equipped with State-of-Art Technology and advanced Kitchen Equipment for efficient and hygienic food production and handling.

TajSATS believes in maintaining the highest level of Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality.

The talented team of Chefs at TajSATS believe in designing and creating innovative and inspirational menus as well as repurposing classic ingredients for the modern palate. The menus designed, account for the passenger profile, the time of flying and the duration of the flight.

TajSATS is also catering to several Institutions and prominent Café Chains.

Today TajSATS is the Market Leader in Airline Catering and a leading player in Institutional Catering.


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  AIRLINE SERVICES                                     NON-AIRLINE SERVICES

    In-Flight Catering                                          Outdoor Catering

    Laundry                                                          Institutional Catering

     Chartered Flights                                          Corporate Gifting

                                                                             Coffee Chain Catering