Introduction - The Royal Lifestyle Store

Chests draped with royal riches. Coffers overflowing with glistening gems. Trunks laden generously beckon you to explore the exquisite bounty within. The name Khazana, which means treasure, conjures images of extravagance and opulence laced with mystique and temptation. A chain of luxury lifestyle stores located at select Taj Hotels, Taj Khazana offers an exclusive boutique experience that is deeply rooted in Indian tradition and culture with a discerning global appeal.
Taj Khazana has been known to be a custodian of Indian tradition. Celebrating the boundless creativity of Indian craftsmen, the chain aims to revive traditional art, craft and textiles of this beautiful country and nurture the talent of master artisans and weavers who are sustained through this venture. It is not only for the overseas but also equally for the Indian consumer. A lifestyle store with a soul, where we give back to the Indian artisans, what we take from them. It is about creating a vibrant brand, which is sustainable and global in the true sense and in turn preserving and enhancing our cultural heritage. An aggregator of cultural diversity that is India: an area for heritage which is ‘broad-spectrum’ from art to arts from craft to couture; from jewellery to jamewars and in the Taj name will lie the inherent trust and quality signals.