Taj Holidays Themes


Watch your child’s face light up in golden sunlight as you build your first dream sandcastle together. Let time stand still as you journey across a lake and into a 16th century white marble palace. Discover architectural marvels on a Champagne tour, as peacocks strut by your side. Enjoy the romance of living in a rainforest where you walk through the clouds. Indulge in a wellness treatment, crafted using centuries of traditional knowledge. Feel a cold shiver run down your spine as you hear a tiger roar in the dense forest. Set your soul free to embrace the sheer magic of experiencing timeless traditions. Discover the perfect holiday, crafted just for you and your loved ones.

Family Getaways - 4x3
Family Getaway

Create memories for a lifetime with your loved once.

Palace Retreats - 4x3
Royal Experiences

Experience royal living at the palaces of the Taj.

Romantic Rendezvous Offer
Romantic Hideaways

Create unforgettable for you and your beloved.

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Spa Retreats

The gift of pampering you deserve

Jungle Retreats - 4x3
Wildlife Escapes

Discover the wonders of the wilderness with us.

Experience Cultural Carnival at Taj Holidays  - 4x3
Cultural Carnivals

Timeless experiences steeped in tradition

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Special Stay Packages, Loved by Every She