Taj Holidays Experiences


Step onto the soft, white sand beaches of a secluded private island. Discover the hidden secrets of mist-draped hills. Experience the unmatched luxury of living in an opulent palace, and the wonder of uncovering the heritage of a country steeped in history. Explore the incredible beauty of India’s great outdoors, where the tiger is master of all he surveys. Or revel in the joy of being surrounded by the sights and sounds of a thriving metropolis. Your search for a dream holiday ends here.

Beach Retreats with Taj
Beach Retreats

Surrender to sun, surf, sand and happiness

Hill Station Properties of Taj - 1
Hill Stations

Discover the bounties of the hills

Royal India with Taj Holidays
Royal India

Relive the royal heritage of India

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Wilderness Getaways

Soak in the majesty of nature

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Culture Capitals

Enchanting discoveries of an enduring legacy

Holiday Experience with Taj - 2
Urban Oasis

Live the high life