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Taj Solo Travel Destinations

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5 Best Solo Travel
Destinations in India

By Taj Hotels |Updated On October 9, 2023 - 6 minutes read |


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01Taj Theog Resort & Spa, Shimla
02The Gateway Hotel, Nashik
03Taj Aravali Resort & Spa, Udaipur
04Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Cochin
05Taj Chia Kutir Resort & Spa, Darjeeling
06Taj Holidays

The beauty of life is, it can be enjoyed being in the midst of people and being on your own, as well.

Travelling is an experience, a journey which you can embark on, one solo adventure at a time or with the endearing company of your loved ones. Travel is your gateway to the promise of something new, something with the power of altering everything. Defining your days away from the ordinary on your own, bring to you complete peace of mind while exploring the most uncommon and unheard-of places of your choice. Own decisions, choices and even mistakes, solo travel gives you the opportunity to be the true you. With the growing need for personal space and care, embracing freedom and independence, solo travel is on the rise. With just “me” to take care of, this style of travelling has inspired many globetrotters and is here to stay.

With Taj Holidays and the assurance of safety and trust, it is time to indulge yourself and explore myriad destinations.

Taj Theog Resort & Spa, Shimla


Spread across seven hills in the majestic Himalayas is the “Queen of Hills”, Shimla.

Shimla is sure to bring out the adventure sports enthusiast in you. Skiing at Narkanda and Kufri gives a truly thrilling experience. Go trekking to the Kullu valley and Trout fishing at the Pabbar river and spend time in solitude. The nine-hole golf course at Naldehra allows one to enjoy a round of golf while soaking in the fresh air and energizing sunlight.

While one explores the mystical mountains of Shimla, driving on the mesmerizing roads of Spiti by the lush meadows and meandering rivers is truly an experience to remember. The rustic landscape of this remotely resting land with barren desert and precariously perched monasteries will leave one completely awestruck. Relish your taste buds with the traditional “Thukpa” in the lively, colourful cafes as you gawk at the quaint little villages nestled in the rocky snow-clad peaks.

Soar high in the sky with an exciting paragliding session in Barot and witness the beauty of the place around, from an astonishing height. A definite bucket list check. Spend a day amidst the natural beauty of the hot springs at Tattapani. Spend a day immersed in history and culture with a visit to the Chail Palace, a truly regal setting with spectacular views.

Explore the mesmerising beauty of the mountains with a luxurious stay at Taj Theog Resort & Spa, Shimla and create memories for a lifetime.

The Gateway Hotel, Nashik


Situated on the banks of the river Godavari is the city popularly known as the “Wine Capital of India“ with more than half of India’s vineyards and wineries, Nashik. A trip to the famous Sula Vineyards, located perfectly amidst the rolling hills, overlooking the Gangapur dam is a short drive away from The Gateway Hotel, Nashik. Indulge in all-access tours of their winery followed by a wine tasting session. Bring out your inner child as you experience the fun and excitement of grape stomping.

A visit to Trimbakeshwar, 30 kms. from the city, is a must with its serene surroundings and the soft gushing sounds of the river Godavari which originates from here. Soak in the piousness and splendour of the free-flowing rivulets from the mountains while enjoying the trek to the top.

Brahmagiri and Anjneri hills are two of the most exciting and adventurous mountain climbs where you will find nature at its best and panoramic views that inspire.

Experience the beauty and bounty of nature as 20 acres of lush, landscaped gardens surround you at The Gateway Hotel, Ambad, Nashik and let the traveller in you bask in the glory of this city’s rich and diverse heritage.

Taj Aravali Resort & Spa, Udaipur


The famed city of lakes with pathways that echo with tales of history, Udaipur will leave you fascinated with the charm of its palaces, forts, rich culture, and heritage.

Walk around the City Palace or the Monsoon Palace and travel back in time admiring the architectural marvel and artifacts on showcase. Be inspired by awe-inspiring sights of Udaipur’s skyline and spectacular views of Lake Pichola. Feel the romance in the air while on a boat ride at Lake Fateh Sagar or Lake Pichola. Admire the setting sun by the lake as the soft, cool evening breeze caresses your skin.

The Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal, propagating Indian folk art, culture, songs, and festivals is sure to leave one amazed and enthralled with its vibrancy and uniqueness. As for the food lover in you, Udaipur offers its very own lip-smacking Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki sabzi, Ker Sangri, Ghevar, and “Lal Maans” for every discerning palette.

Everything is royaL, everything is grand when you visit the “City of Lakes” with a luxurious holiday at Taj Aravali Resort & Spa, Udaipur.

Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Cochin


Cochin is to Kerala, what Kerala is to India…its pride and splendour!

Nicknamed “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Cochin is a city of natural beauty and contemporary charm.

The tranquil backwaters of Cochin meandering past idyllic fields are the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Backwater tour is one of Cochin’s most mesmerizingly beautiful and peaceful experiences. With waterways flanked by swaying palms on both sides and a lush carpet of greenery around, one can only exclaim in agreement with the description, “God’s own Country“, associated with this land.

Walk down the streets of this port city and get a feel of the old-world charm of colonial-era architecture through its churches. Be ready to be left spellbound by the beauty and allurement of Vembanad Lake, the longest lake in India. It is in this pristine lake where one can find most of the houseboats within the state, adorning the backwaters.

Chinese Fishing Net is a unique attraction as it evokes a feeling of excitement and curiosity about its origin and usage, an integral part of the city of Cochin. Satiate your taste buds and carry the lingering taste of traditional Kerala food embedded in your soul, forever. Ellum Kappayum, Kappa Boti, Kallummakaya, Puttu Kadala are some of the popularly known regional delicacies served on a banana leaf, making the entire experience authentic and memorable.

Lap up the glory and greenery of Cochin with a tranquil stay at Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Cochin, and unwind with awe-inspiring views of the endless horizon as the hotel offers the most picturesque views of the Cochin harbour.

Taj Chia Kutir Resort & Spa, Darjeeling


Inspiring locales, captivating sunrises, the pristine beauty of the hills, and warm smiles make Darjeeling a destination unlike any other. Experience Darjeeling and beyond surrounded by a world-renowned tea estate dating back to 1859.

Darjeeling tea is renowned globally for its taste and aroma. The lush green slopes dotted with tea pluckers in traditional attire are a glimpse into the rich culture of the city. Treat yourself to a cup of locally brewed “Chai” at the tea estate or get down amidst the plantations to pluck a few tea leaves yourself.

Time your visit to Tiger Hill perfectly, which could be as early as 4 am, to see the rays of the rising sun kissing the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayan range. As the sun pierces through the clouds, peaks of the Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, stand tall in all their glory bringing to life a breathtaking view.

One can easily hop onto the original steam engine-driven heritage toy train and get a panoramic view of the landscapes as it passes through the township. Batasia loop is a spiral of a narrow-gauge railway track, a wonderful viewing place with manicured gardens, streams and falls from where one can get an unhindered view of the Kangchenjunga snow peaks and other Himalayan peaks.

For the outdoor enthusiast, another attraction is the ropeway of Darjeeling from where one can witness an exhilarating view of the valley below, see the spread of lush tea gardens, mountain streams in their full flow, waterfalls, and the majestic snow peaks in the background.

The vibrancy and mix of cultures reflect in Darjeeling’s diverse food as well. Momos, Thukpa and Alu Dum are a few of the delicacies which will leave you asking for more!

is a paradise in green located in the middle of the Makaibari Tea Estate within awe-inspiring views of the Kangchenjunga. The resort unfolds like a gripping novel on a hill-bound train chugging through mist and mountains. The air here is crisp and fresh, the birds chirp a happy melody, and the earth smells wonderful. Book a holiday at the Taj Chia Kutir Resort & Spa and witness nature at its best.

Whether it is the tranquil backwaters or the misty hills, cities brimming with culture and history or embracing the cosmopolitan life, every destination has a story to tell, and each traveller has their own version to live. Embark on your next journey with Taj Holidays and tick those boxes off your solo travel list. While one explores and soaks in the wonders of travel, the heart is replete with memories to last for a lifetime.

Taj Holidays

With the best-in-class hospitality, inimitable dining, unique experiences, picturesque locations, and exciting holiday packages create memories for a lifetime with Taj Holidays. Every holiday is crafted with impeccable details just for you and your loved ones.

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