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Taj Public Service Welfare Trust


We provide access to long-term medical treatment that addresses the physical and psychological damage left by terror attacks. This also includes families of victims, where the loss of the earning member has left senior citizens and dependents with no means to meet their medical needs. Another priority is ensuring that children from affected families can continue their education despite the financial constraints created by injury and disability. Further, by extending pensions to unsupported senior citizens, widows and families in severe poverty, we ensure that the families of terror victims are able to live with dignity.


Rahul Verma was only 12 years old when he was injured in the 13/7 terror attacks on his way to bring tea to his father, a pani-puri seller near Opera House. Rahul’s injuries left him physically and mentally scarred. He was enrolled in a government school which he would attend very infrequently, and was not motivated to study. Visits and financial assistance from the Trust team convinced his family to enroll him in a better school and take his studies seriously. Rahul is now in FYBCom and is a dedicated student with a good academic record. 


In 2016-17, we reached out of 128 terror survivors and their family members with medical assistance, basic living expenses and pensions. This programme enables disadvantaged families to cope with injury and the loss of earning members. We pay especially close attention to the needs of unsupported senior citizens and widows, facilitating access to medical care and encouraging them to take up home-based employment wherever possible.