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We are committed to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve. Through our social responsibility focus areas of Livelihoods, Neighborhoods and Welfare; we support the advancement of identified economically disadvantaged communities. Our CSR programs range from imparting vocational skills, preserving and promoting indigenous heritage, culture, arts and handicrafts and disaster relief and rehabilitation. We have also aligned our CSR projects to the Tata Affirmative Action program to support marginalized communities. Keeping with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, we at the Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, are committed to not only comply with the requirements of the new Company’s Act but also continue our community initiatives that go beyond compliance. Our CSR policy and details of our CSR activities are outlined in our 2014-2015 Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

Case Studies

Livelihoods: Skilling Economically Disadvantaged Youth

We aim to support economically disadvantaged youth by developing core skills for employment. Through a three month short term Hospitality Skills Training Program, we aim to give rural youth and school drop-outs relevant skills for employment. In partnership with like-minded government and NGO partners, we have trained and certified more than 12,000 youth since the program’s establishment in 2008. To date, 97% of program participants have secured placements in hotels and restaurants across India

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Livelihoods: Enterprise Development

We endeavour to help build the livelihood of locally based less privileged vendors, farmers and women self-help groups by including them in our supply chain. The goods and services procured by our hotels from this target group include fresh fish, vegetables, laundry bags, honey, candles, gift items for guests, table napkins, dusters, dry snacks, pickles and allied services like ‘roti-making’ and peeling onions and garlic among others. These efforts by our Corporate Materials team and hotel Purchase Managers have seen a year on year growth in the amount of goods and services procured from locally based marginalized vendors and NGOs. 

Neighborhoods: Helping Revive India’s Indigenous Art and Craft

We believe we have the unique opportunity to help revive the indigenous art and craft of India in our role as custodian of Indian heritage. Our hotels in Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Varanasi and other such culturally-rich destinations support economically disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen by providing them with a platform in the hotel premises to showcase their art and craft. Year on year, our hotels continue to support over 300 artisan and craftsmen from across India. 

Neighbourhoods: Cleanliness and Hygiene

We place great emphasis on keeping the surrounding areas of our hotels clean and green, and by doing so to spread awareness about cleanliness and hygiene among the local community. Some of our hotels have dedicated every Saturday to cleaning its local neighborhoods. Others engage with local communities to educate them about the importance of cleanliness and show them the small steps that can be taken to maintain personal and community hygiene.