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Feast from the East

The Gateway Hotel EM Bypass Kolkata introduces Purbo Banglar Khabar, authentic Dhakai cuisine


The Gateway Hotels & Resorts aims at providing refreshing and innovative local cuisines to the modern traveller.  The Gateway Hotel EM Bypass Kolkata brings to its guests an authentic Regional Home Style Cuisine experience. The hotel serves Purbo Banglar Khabar - authentic Dhakai Cuisine.


Like everything else at The Gateway Hotels & Resorts, Regional Home Style Food was designed keeping the modern nomad in mind.  The Gateway Team in its holistic approach to health has also targeted one of the key factors - food. With increasing travel and health consciousness, a lot of travellers want to strike a balance between healthy eating and indulgence. The brand and service philosophy are embodied in the food philosophy.


This new age guest who is travelling extensively, is always on the move and open to exploring both destinations and cuisines,  eating out as much as eating in and wants food that is fresh, natural and healthy. Born from research and the learning drawn from interacting with guests every day, was the concept of offering regional cuisines cooked home style at The Gateway Hotels & Resorts. 


The chefs, led by Corporate Chef Natarajan Kulandai, did extensive research to perfect the philosophy and taste of each regional cuisine. The chefs visited homes in each locality and worked along with the homemakers in their kitchens to understand the nuances of the simple yet unique touches in food cooked at home. The Gateway Hotels & Resorts also hired homemakers to cook food at the hotels and give it that fragrant home touch. Home style cooking uses fresh ingredients which are picked up the same day just as it would be in our homes. 


The Gateway Hotels & Resorts in each destination offer home style food across regional cuisines. The Gateway Hotel E M Bypass Road offers Purbo Bangla Khabar or Dhakai cuisine. Purbo Banglar Khabar gives the guests a chance to savour dishes from the areas of Bangladesh, from a bygone era and only available piecemeal in the country, but perhaps never comprehensively combined


Chef Ashish Roy travelled across Bangladesh to get the local flavours. He visited many places including the legendary and Century old Dhaka Club and tried various aspects of the cuisine.

                                                                                                                                                                                           The extensive menu consists of appetizers such as jhuri kebabs, jali kebabs, paat patar (jute leaves) bora, Chingrir (Prawn) chops and dimer (egg) chops.The signature main course dishes include Gelasi, Bhuna kitchuri, fish pulao and a Bangladeshi favourite called Paturi. Different bhortas and sharbot like pora sharbot, Labang, Borhani, Aam Doi are equally scrumptious including Ilish in season and veg and non-veg Thalis. Some specials include Chhenchki – vegetables flavoured with panch-pouron, Jhol - a light fish stew, Dolma and more. 


For a mouth-watering last course, try yet another specialty of Dhakai Cuisine, the add 3 types Pitahs. The chefs travelled all the way to most popular pitha joint of Dhaka - Noor Pitah Ghor to learn the nuances of making this dessert. 


Regional home style cuisine is cooked by homemakers at the hotel. 


Purbo Bangla Khabar is available at Buzz, the all Day Diner at Lunch and Dinner.


About The Gateway Hotels

The Gateway Hotels & Resorts is a full service upscale hospitality brand in the South Asia region and a part of the Taj Group of Hotels. Designed for the modern nomad, Gateway provides consistent, courteous and crisp service for business and leisure travellers seeking contemporary and refreshing experiences. Keeping in mind those looking for comfort, familiarity and flexibility, the hotels & resorts are divided into 8 zones – Enter, Stay, Hangout, Meet, Work, Workout, Unwind and Explore. 24/7 services such as 24/7 breakfast, 24/7 ‘active studio’ and 24/7 laundry are all designed to cater to guests round-the-clock. Gateway provides welcome perfection through an unrivalled network and innovative cuisine offerings like ‘active food’ – superfoods and low glycemic index foods for the health conscious; regional home-style cuisine; ‘eat-in’ – refreshed in-room dining menus and ‘wake up’ - buffet breakfasts with a range of healthy and indulgent options. Flexible, dynamic and warm service, ‘in-room yoga’ amenities and ‘explore’ packages all make The Gateway Hotels & Resorts sanctuaries that refresh, refuel and renew.