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The last domain of the mighty Asiatic lion, Gir Forest was once the hunting preserve of the Nawabs of Junagadh. This semi-arid forest has seven rivers meandering across it, and is also home to the rare pangolin, leopard, civet and many more endangered species of animals and birds.

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Sample Itineraries

Full day Itinerary

Spot the Asiatic lion in the wild, and later up close in an enclosure. Stop to pick up souvenirs, see crocs and end the day spotting birds.

Half day Itinerary 1

Drive through the forest to spy on wildlife, meet the king up close and spend the evening in the company of feathered friends.

Half day Itinerary 2

Go on a bird-watching tour, sample local food and see baby crocodiles.

Diu Airport, while closer to Gir, only services flights from Mumbai and the rest of Gujarat. Porbandar Airport, a bit further away, is connected to the rest of the state as well as Rajasthan in addition to Mumbai and New Delhi.

Junagadh is the most commonly used base for accessing Gir Forest. The Junagadh Junction Railway Station is well-connected to the rest of the state. 

Regular bus services, operated by the state transport corporation, ply between Junagadh and Gir throughout the day. Buses also ply between Junagadh and other cities within the state. You can book tickets online via reputed travel portals.

Gir Forest has easy access to the rest of Gujarat as well as the neighbouring states via a good network of well-maintained national highways.