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A picturesque village in north Kerala, Bekal is a land with a storied past. Here, sun-kissed beaches, majestic forts, meandering rivers and rich traditions tell beautiful stories, harking back to an ancient time.

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Sample Itineraries

Full day Itinerary

Indulge in some bird-watching, go kayaking, offer prayers at a temple, discover an ancient fort, and relax at the beach.

Half day Itinerary 1

Gaze at an ancient mosque, and walk around an old fort before catching a brilliant sunset.

Half day Itinerary 2

Pick up local snacks, and bring home bronzes.

Bekal does not have its own airport; the closest airport is Mangalore Airport in Bajpe, 72km away, or about two hours away by road.

The two closest major railway stations are Kasargod and Kanhangad, both being around 12km from Bekal. Other nearby stations are Kottikulam and Pallikere, but only local trains stop at these stations.

A number of state-run buses will ferry you to Bekal from other places within Kerala. You can also get buses from Mangalore to Bekal. 

You can hire a taxi to reach Bekal from major cities like Mangalore. Coimbatore is also just 358km away, while Bangalore is a little further at a distance of 381km.