Taj Holidays - Incredible Escapes 2014

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the three famed vertices of India's iconic golden triangle. Dotted with treasured monuments, rich in political history, famed for their offering of delectable cuisines and beautiful crafts, the three cities present an extraordinary bouquet of experiences in a compact circuit. Take a special itinerary from the Taj that covers their best sights and activities for a holiday to remember!
Incredible Golden Triangle - Winter
Premium Golden Triangle - Winter

Allow the Taj to sweep you into the splendour and elegance of India's royal heritage. Relive the lifestyle of a maharajah at spectacular suite at a Taj heritage palace. Gracious butlers, descendants of the erstwhile royal retainers, serve you in a style that was once the sole preserve of royalty and make you feel like a guest of the maharaja.
Incredible Royal Escapes - Winter