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Grills and gaiety by the pool.

Barbeque is originally an America cooking technique which involves marinated meats and a variety of seasoning being carefully roasted over hot charcoal. In no time, it travelled across borders and entwined itself in the culinary traditions of various cultures.

At VBT Hari Mahal, the art of barbeque is being constantly improvised by our Chef - who believes that passion and understanding of the right cooking techniques, temperatures and blend of spices is what makes BBQ appetising and flavoursome.

Pathar Ka Gosht, and the largely popular kebabs are some of the local variants of BBQ that will leave everyone hungry for more. Kebabs served with Indian curries and a variety of breads will leave you wanting for more. Afterall, only an impeccably done Barbeque has the virtue of making mouths water and stirring up an appetite.

You can indulge your sweet tooth with rabadi rolled malpua - our Chef’s speciality, or sip on some decaffeinated coffee as you engage in conversations.

January to March | All Days | 1930 - 2330 Hrs | A la Carte


A taste of Italia in our courtyard.

In Italy, food is culture. Their cuisine is characterised by its simplicity, with most dishes comprising only of four to eight ingredients. The pronounced use of olive oil and various herbs and spices like basil, oregano, chilli flakes, rosemary and thyme are extremely popular and customary in Italian cuisine.

Indian's primarily like village soup “minestrone” variety of Pastas like penne, macaroni, shells or linguine and the all-time favourite spaghetti served along with various sauces. Larger pasta varieties like cannelloni and lasagna also make for delicious yet simple meals. The most popular Italian dessert in India would be the Tiramisu – a cheese cake which literally means "pick me up".

Other dishes slowly catching up on the Indian palette are Bruschetta - the original style of garlic bread, risotto, gnocchi and lighter main course dishes which are uncomplicated yet full of flavours.

The restaurant is excited to give you a taste of these authentic Italian cuisines perfected by our chef, especially for you. Buon Appetito!

January to March | All Days | 1930 - 2330 Hrs | A la Carte

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