Taj Palace


After Dinner Signatures

Evocative of a traditional Viennese-style coffee house, The Tea Lounge is perfect for a tête-à-tête. Warm your spirits with a delicious spirited beverage of Irish or Snake Coffee with Crepes Suzette after dinner.

At the Tea Lounge from 2100 hrs to 2400 hrs

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: 91-11 2611 0202

The Taj Mahal Hotel


Easter Promotion

Emperor’s Lounge is a chic space to savour a light meal, coffee or high tea. The lounge serves beverages and light eats, an elegant high tea, as well as a premium selection of champagnes, sparkling wine cocktails, cognac and cigars.

Celebrate Easter with your family and friends over culinary delights at Emperor’s Lounge. The special à la carte menu features a choice of festive treats.

April 5 onwards | Saturday | 19:30hrs – 23:30hrs | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513112


Prohibition Cocktail Era

Rick’s –a stylish, urban lounge bar, with great music and vibes- is named after Rick Blaine, the star of the classic black and white movie 'Casablanca'.

Rick's offers a wide selection of international single malts, spirits, rare whiskies, innovative cocktails and delicious Southeast Asian cuisine. The bar is hosting a special promotion of cocktails from the American Prohibition Era to celebrate the anniversary of the term cocktail being coined.

April 15 – May 15 | All Days | 16:00hrs – 00:45hrs | 850+ Taxes


Japanese Noodle “Mein Rui” promotion

Wasabi, one of India’s most celebrated and visually stunning restaurants, is a famous for its superlative Japanese cuisine. The pioneering restaurant is renowned for continually presenting patrons with new experiences.

In April, Wasabi takes diners through the journey of the evolution of different types of noodles. Noodles are fundamental to Japanese cuisine and are added in a variety of preparations from soups to main course specialities. From Ramen, that are thin, wheat-based noodles to Shirataki that are clear noodles and slightly chewy to eat, Somen that are very thin, white, wheat-based noodles and Udon that are thick white, wheat-based noodles, there is an amazing variety of noodles in Japanese cuisine. Please come over to discover the taste, texture and flavour of noodles and the amazing dishes prepared with them. Each dish is a visual treat, making the meal a feast for the senses!

April 22– 30 | All Days|Lunch & Dinner | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513584/85


Poolside Summer Coolers

Relax by the poolside as you are served chilled summer coolers. The expanse of blue, the verdure and the refreshing beverages are the best way to take the edge off this hot summer.

April 25– May 25 | All Days| 06:00hrs – 22:00hrs | 500 + taxes

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513724

May 2015


Summer Menu

Machan, the all-day dining restaurant and the city’s most popular multi-cuisine restaurant, offers gourmands a most enjoyable culinary adventure. The extensive à la carte menu features Southeast Asian and contemporary western cuisine, popular Indian dishes, a variety of sandwiches, pastas and refreshing salads, and irresistible desserts. The Sunday Brunch is an award-winning treat, showcasing some of the finest gourmet food.

In May, Machan presents a special à la carte menu with light and delicious preparations. The fresh, crunchy salads, chilled soups and thirst quenching granitas that are superb semi-frozen desserts, .are a delicious way to beat the heat!

May | All Days| Lunch & Dinner| Special A la Carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513114/3244


Toastie Promotion

Indulge yourself to a tasty treat! For a fortnight in May, Emperor’s Lounge serves a choice of light and scrumptious toasties crafted to perfection. Crisp on the top and sandwiching a delicious filling, the toasties make a light meal at any time of the day. As they say, it is wise not to overeat but always necessary to pamper your taste buds with a few bites!

May16– 31 | All Days |12:00hrs Onwards | 850+Taxes

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513112


Home Made Gin

Rick’s is brewing its own gin using fresh ingredients and Juniper berries. Please come to enjoy innovative cocktails created from this wonderful home-style brew or just sip away a simple homemade gin and tonic!

May 15– June 15 | All Days |16:00hrs – 00:45hrs | 850+taxes

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513245/46


Sake & Yakitori Promotion

In May, Wasabi once again offers the winning combination of sake, a Japanese beverage made from fermented rice, with yakitori, Japanese-styled skewered chicken. There can be no better companion than sake to enhance the dining pleasure of grills! Savour the charming duet! Among the delights is Tenderloin binchoutan yakitori cooked on binchoutan (Japanese charcoal) and served on a volcano stone! Discover the delights of the chef’s skilled preparations that perfectly match the delicate flavours of the sakes.

May| All Days |Lunch & Dinner | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513584/85


Pasta & Wine Promotion

In-room dining adds another delightful experience to its thoughtfully designed menu. Resident guests can savour the utterly charming combination of pasta and wine. The special à la carte menu features a choice of pastas that can be customized to your taste. And based on your preferences the sommelier will suggest a wine from the cellar. Sniff, swirl, sniff and sip a fine white or red wine, discover and savour its taste and aromas, its nuances and complexity, as you enjoy a delicious pasta preparation. A memorable dining experience in the comfort of your room!

May 1 – 15 | All Days |Lunch & Dinner | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513724

June 2015


Asian Beer Promotion

House of Ming, the popular Chinese restaurant, serves a choice of artfully presented, authentic delicacies. Please come over to savour the nuances of Chinese cuisine as a culinary art.

Over the centuries, narratives have conveyed that a Chinese meal is incomplete without Chinese tea. Yet, with the winds of change, diners today often enjoy a chilled beer with their meal. Reflective of this trend, House of Ming presents a choice of Asian beers paired with speciality dishes prepared by Chinese Master Chef Zhou Jian.

June | All Days |Lunch & Dinner | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call +01166513241/42


International Cold Soups

One of the best ways to stay hydrated and nourished in the summer is to enjoy a bowl of chilled soup. Blending light and flavourful ingredients and adding just a dash of spice for perking up the soup, the chefs present a special à la carte menu featuring cold soups of different cuisines from across the world. Enjoy a chilled soup in the comfort of your air-conditioned room after a long day. It brings instant rejuvenation!

May 25– June 5 | All Days |Lunch & Dinner | À la carte

For reservations or other enquiries, do call +01166513724


Vinegar- based Cocktails

While vinegar in a cocktail may sound strange to some, interestingly bartenders across the world are adding this ingredient to infuse cocktails with a bit of zing! Revisiting times gone by, when vinegar would be added to drinks, mixologists are doing the same today with some very interesting and delicious results! Sip a vinegar-based cocktail and discover how just a dash of the liquid adds interest, complexity and tartness to a cocktail. Please come over to enjoy some creative cocktails that are also a visual delight. Perfect for a Delhi summer evening!

June 15 – July15 | All Days |16:00hrs – 00:45hrs| 850 + taxes

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513245/46


Indian Summer Coolers

As the scorching summer sun beats down, seemingly drying everything in sight, one just wants to reach out for a refreshing drink. Quench your thirst with a choice of fabulous Indian summer coolers being served through June at Emperor’s Lounge. Created with natural ingredients with cooling attributes, these wonderful drinks beat the heat in the most delicious way!

June 2015 | All Days |07:30hrs – 23:30hrs | 500+taxes

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +01166513112