Vivanta by Taj - Malabar

Vivanta by Taj – Malabar, Cochin

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The Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam


Vishu Feast

Bubble Café, designed like a bubble, enjoys a soothing view of backwaters that Kerala is famous. The restaurant offers all-day casual dining and multiple cuisine options with an emphasis on southwest coastal cuisine.

The festival of Vishu heralds the beginning of Malayalee New Year and is celebrated joyously in Kerala. Bubble Café also celebrates the season of plenty and prosperity with Vishu Ela Sadya, a delicious feast that is traditionally served on a banana leaf.

From banana chips pappadam to pachadi, thoran, kootu curry and Kalan there are a choice of several traditional preparations served in a specific order and at a specific place on the leaf. The meal is wrapped up with delicious payasam. A truly gastronomic experience!

April 14 | Lunch

Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is inseparable with family and friends getting together for a celebratory feast! Please come over to celebrate Easter over a wonderful meal with your family and friends. Bubble Café presents a perfectly homely setting to enjoy an afternoon with your loved ones over a wonderful feast. The Easter brunch features a choice of Easter specialities including Roast Lamb, Honey Glazed Ham, Roast Duck, Easter eggs and desserts as well as ethnic Keralite specialities. Please come over for a very special meal and celebration!

April 20 | Lunch

Mango Mania

An Indian summer is synonymous delicious, sweet, aromatic and juicy mangoes! Come over to Bubble Café to savour a choice of delicious mango desserts. Prepared with the choicest mangoes, the refreshing desserts will leave you delightfully satiated! Yes, the King of Fruits always delights!

April 18 - May 18 | Dinner

Italian food Promotion

Set off on a culinary tour of Italy right here in Ernakulam! As Italian cuisine is appreciated for its freshness, flavours and diversity, Bubble Café brings all those facets to your platter! From antipasti to pizzas, pastas and risottos, there is a super choice of Italian favourites infused with authentic tastes and aromas. Wrap up your meal with a luscious dessert and a cup of coffee. A treat for the senses!

May 9 – 20 | Dinner

Mughlai Food Festival

Mughlai cuisine -derived from the rich, aromatic and delectable food prepared in the royal kitchens of rulers during the Mughal period- takes one back to another era when preparing food was a treasured art and each meal with fit for a king!

In June, Bubble Café presents the Mughlai Food Festival. Chefs from Taj hotels in Delhi and Hyderabad will present a choice of Mughlai delicacies. A judicious addition of spices, gentle cooking, the addition of nuts goes towards creating the most delicious kebabs, curries and biryanis. Please come over to enjoy a very special dining experience.

June 10 – 19 | Dinner

Bubbly Sunday Brunch

Sundays are synonymous with relaxing over a superb meal with family and friends. And our chefs make it easy for you to do so!

The chefs at Bubble Café design special menus for every Sunday brunch for your dining pleasure. The extensive multi-cuisine spread includes of innovative salads, chaat counters, live shawarma counters, whole tandoori fish fillet, Tenderloin Roast, Mughal mutton biryani, Subz biryani and an array of irresistible dessert including freshly made jalebis, different payasams traditionally prepared in Kerala and international desserts. Perfect for a leisurely meal and afternoon!

Ongoing | All Sundays


Dim Sum Promotion

Discover the nuances of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines at Sian. The only restaurant in the city offering three different cuisines under one roof, Sian is the city’s most popular Oriental restaurant.

In April, the restaurant presents the dim sum promotion. Diners can enjoy an array of light and delicious dims sums with a variety of fillings from vegetables to seafood, chicken, lamb and tenderloin. Served with zesty and flavourful dips and sauces and complemented with light jasmine tea, the dim sums offering make a super start to a meal.

April 18 - 30 | Ala Carte | Dinner | 1830 – 2330 Hrs

Wrap and Roll

Prepare for a memorable journey to the Orient! In addition to its extensive menu featuring grills, fresh catch of the day, live teppanyaki counter-cooked meals, flavourful delicacies and exotic desserts, Sian brings diners one more treat.

The Oriental restaurant has something for diners looking for a quick or a light wholesome meal. The chefs wrap a bouquet of Oriental flavours in minutes. Simply give them your preference of vegetables, meats and/or seafood and they will give you a delicious wrap drizzled with zesty sauces and complemented with crunchy green in a jiffy.

May 23 - June 1 | Dinner | 1830 – 2330 Hrs | À la carte

Teppanayaki Delights

Explore the delights of teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine where food is prepared on an iron griddle in front of guests. Please come over with your family and friends to experience the verve of this novel style of food at the Teppanyaki Table at Sian. The chefs create bespoke meals with different vegetables, meats and sauces, to offer diners a truly personalized and delicious meal. A treat to watch chefs prepare the meal and a treat to partake it!

June 20 - 30 | Dinner | 1830 – 2330 Hrs


Mango Mania

Deli, the lovely cake shop, offers a choice of savouries, pastries and cakes. Do drop by to pick up a box of delicious mango treats prepared with the season’s freshest and best mangoes. The chefs will be preparing international as well as ethnic mango desserts.

April 15 - May 15 | 1500 – 2300 Hrs

Easter Treats

Easter is synonymous with colourful Easter eggs and other treats. Deli celebrates Easter with amazing international desserts, colourful Easter eggs with surprise in it making it a real joy for children, and other delights.

April 20 | 1500 – 2300 Hrs

Nut and Grain Desserts

For those who love to eat healthy and enjoy desserts, Deli has just the right answer! In May, the cake shop offers innovative mouth watering desserts prepared with healthy grains and nuts. So indulge your sweet tooth without worries!

On offer are delicious local and international desserts prepared with nuts such as walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio, pine-nuts and pecan nuts along with grains like ragi, corn, bajra, whole wheat, oats, horsegram and jowar. These amazing `active desserts’ will surely keep you on the go!.

May 16 - May 31 | À la carte | 1500 – 2300 Hrs

Dark and Whites

Deli- Cochin’s best pastry shop- always has something new to offer. So if chocolate is food for the soul, Deli offers its response to the sentiment by offering an array of delectable creations in dark, milk and white chocolate and irresistible combinations of the two!

In June, Deli offers beautifully presented rich chocolate desserts, soufflés, panna cotta, Sachertorte, Black Forest, white chocolate delights and many more are sure to steal your heart. Enjoy Cochin's best bakery Chef in action at Deli.

June 15 June 30 | 1500 – 2300 Hrs

Vivanta by Taj - Green Cove


Monsoon Sizzlers

As the monsoon transforms Kerala into soothing shades of green, come over to Bait to enjoy a special treat. A charming restaurant with panoramic views of the sea and backwaters, it is just the place to be to watch the rain, enjoy a drink and a tasty meal.

In July, Bait serves a choice of delicious vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood sizzlers. Enjoy an exotic juicy sizzler. A special à la carte menu features fresh oven baked pizzas with a choice of toppings. Please come over for a perfect rainy day treat!

July 11 – 20 | All Days | 1230 to 1500 Hrs. and 1800 to 2300 Hrs

Seafood- INR 1250+Tax Per Person

Non-Veg - INR 850+taxes Per Person

Vegetarian–INR 650+ taxes Per Person

Other promotion cuisine options:

Fresh oven baked Pizza | 1500 – 1800 Hrs | A la carte


Independence Day Brunch

Jasmine Bay, the vibrant all day dining restaurant overlooking the infinity pool, serves multi-cuisine delights with Continental, Middle Eastern and Indian favourites. The restaurant is also popular for its s elaborate Sunday brunch.

Jasmine Bay invites diners to celebrate India's 67th Independence Day as it presents a special buffet brunch to mark the occasion. The elaborate spread of traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian favourites from different Indian cuisines showcases India's rich culinary heritage. The brunch also features a choice of international specialities. Please come over with family and friends to celebrate a very special occasion over a memorable meal

August 15 | 1230 to 1500 Hrs | INR 1250 + Taxes Per Person

Northwest Frontier

Set off on a lovely culinary journey to the legendary North West Frontier Province as you savour delights from the region. The chefs present a choice of famed delicacies from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Punjab and Kashmir that evoke the charm of the picturesque province demarcated by the British way back in 1901. A truly special meal awaits diners!

September 19 – 21 | All Days | 1930 to 2230 Hrs | INR 1250 + Taxes Per Person


Martinis with a Twist

Neera Bar, the high-energy bar, brings a unique brand of nightlife alive. Exotic cocktails, fine wines and a host of international spirits are perfectly complemented with amazing cocktail snacks and dishes.

In September, the bar serves the most innovative martinis. Prepared with local ingredients like fresh coconut, watermelon and kokum and infused with a twist with exotic ingredients like wasabi paste, the martinis are as refreshing as they are pleasing. Perfect to quench your thirst!

September 6 – 15 | All Days | 1100 - 2300 Hrs | INR 350 AI Per Martini

Vivanta by Taj - Kumarakom

LAKE BED (Next to the Vembanad lake)

For reservations or other enquiries, do call:

Prince K J, Food and Beverage - In charge

Phone: +91 481 2525711, Fax: +91 481 2524371, Mobile: +91 9249518908


Vivanta by Taj - Trivandrum


Sunday Brunch

Fifth Element, the lovely all day dining restaurant, is always in its elements! With its easy charm, classic comfort dishes, multi-cuisine specialities and wellness preparations, the restaurant is a delight at any hour.

Fifth Element invites guests to enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch as it offers an elaborate buffet spread with live counters as well as unlimited beer, wine from a select bar. A perfect way to spend a relaxed Sunday with family and friends!

July - September | Sunday | 1200 to 1500 Hrs | INR 1250/ + Taxes (Without liquor) | INR1550/+Taxes (with Liquor)

Ramzan Special Buffet

Fifth Element presents a Ramzan special dinner on July 27th. The spread features a choice of delicious Ramzan specialities and other delicacies. Please come over with your family and friends to to partake in a memorable buffet dinner

July 27 | 1800 to 2300 hrs | INR 1250 + Taxes

Sri Lankan Food Festival

Set off on a culinary journey across the picturesque island country of Sri Lanka! In August, Fifth Element presents the Sri Lankan Food Festival that offers an elaborate buffet dinner featuring authentic specialities from the island. Please come over to savour a delectable vignette of the country!

August 21 – 31 | All day | Dinner | INR 1250 + taxes

Onam Sadhya

Experience a very special facet of the traditional cuisine and hospitality of Kerala as Fifth Element serves a traditional sadhya to celebrate Onam. The festive lunch, integral to family functions and festivals, comprises an elaborate meal served on a banana leaf.

The sadhya features several dishes that are served in a specific order and at a specific place on the leaf. From salads to main course preparations and a sweet dish, the sadhya is a tasty, balanced and wholesome meal. The meal creates the ambience of a lovely feast enjoyed at home.

September 7 | All day | INR 1250 /+taxes


DJ night

Twist, the high-energy bar, offers it all. From classic mojitos to Long Island Ice Teas. From infused vodkas to a choice of international beers and rare Scotch whisky. Delicious light eats to complement the drinks. Avant-garde Indian artwork and retro furniture. And the DJ pumping up the beat. Yes, it's all happening here

July – September | Every Saturday | 2000 to 2300 Hrs | A la carte | INR 1000/ + Taxes entry for stag which is fully redeemable towards food and drinks. No entry charges for couples

Cocktail & Mocktail Promotion

Enjoy a choice of refreshing mocktails and cocktails as the bartenders at Twist get creative! In July, the bar presents an array of innovative drinks. A perfect complement to the cool of the monsoon season!

July | Every Day | 1100 to 2300 Hrs | Mocktail charges INR 350 onwards per person; Cocktail charges INR 550 onwards per person

Happy Hours

Spending a few hours at Twist is so much more attractive with the Happy Hours offer! Order a drink from a select bar and enjoy another of the same with the compliments of the bar!

July – September | Every day | 1100 – 1845 Hrs | A la carte


Chai Stall

Caramel- the lovely deli with the aroma of coffee, tea and freshly baked bread wafting by- makes a delightful spot to relax any day of the year and any time of the day!

In July, Caramel presents a Chai Stall. Enjoy a hot cup of tea with delicious local teatime snacks. A perfect treat during the monsoons!

July 18 – 27 | Every Day | 1500 – 1900 Hrs | A la carte


Autumn Moon Promotion

Chinapolis, the spacious restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisines, invites guests to enjoy delicacies infused with subtle and spicy flavours of the Orient.

In September the restaurant invites guests to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival - one of the most popular and joyous Chinese festivals -over a special feast. Chinese families celebrate the end of the harvest season with an elaborate feast. Chinese legends say that the moon is at its brightest and roundest on this day. Under this bright autumn moon, friendships are made and renewed. The special à la carte menu features a choice of authentic delicacies. A perfect celebration best enjoyed with family and friends!

September 1 – 8 | All day | A la carte

The Gateway Hotel Janardhanapuram Varkala


Healthy Bites!

GAD, the all-day dining restaurant, offers a wide choice of Indian and international cuisine.

On World Health Day that falls on 7th April, GAD presents a table d'hôte menu of active foods for in-house guests. The delicious dishes are prepared with ingredients like legumes and whole grains that have a low glycemic index ( that ensures that sugar from the food is released slowly into the blood stream unlike foods with a high glycemic index that cause the blood sugar to spike), with ingredients that are super foods (being naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, photochemicals, and antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals in our bodies that could cause diseases), and probiotic foods like dosas and yoghurt-based smoothies that are full of good and friendly bacteria that are excellent for the gut.

Coffee with the Chef

Enjoy a flavourful and energizing cup of coffee with tasty finger foods as the chef shares nuggets on the specialities and health benefits of each coffee. The offerings include dry ginger coffee, cardamom coffee, coffee shooters, coffee shots and more!

April 1 - 30 | À la carte | 1230 – 1530Hrs

Mango Delights!

Come over for a lavish offering prepared with the choicest varieties of mangoes. The mango promotion offers treats prepared with three varieties of local mangoes. The offerings are Mango pulissery, home style fish curry, mango parfait, mango baked yoghurt, mango payasam and more! Guests can also enjoy a three-course table d'hôte mango menu. Or simply select their favourite variety and the chef will suggest a preparation with it to their taste. A delectable experience of exotic mango delights awaits!

May 1 - 31 | À la carte | 1230 – 1530 Hrs & 1930 – 2230 Hrs

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day honours mothers and motherhood, and the role of mothers in bringing up children and in society. GAD celebrates this special day by holding cooking demonstrations by a homemaker for in-house lady guests.

May 11

Organic Vegetable Promotion

In June, GAD shows how healthy food is also tasty food! A choice of organic vegetable- freshly handpicked from chef’s garden- find their way into delicious regional dishes! Guests can also select vegetables from the hotel garden which will be cooked to their preference and served at lunch or dinner. Among the regional specialities on the organic vegetables menu are Agastya flower thoran, Banana flower vada, Banana stem kootu, Bitter gourd pittala, Brinjal uppi chaaru, Tomato theeyal and more! Please come over to savour delicious preparations bursting with the goodness of nature!

June 1 - 30 | À la carte | 1230 – 1530 Hrs & 1930 – 2230 Hrs

Sugar Free Delights!

On World Diabetes Day that falls on June 27the, GAD presents a sugar free buffet to offer guests the pleasure of healthy delicious fare. There will be tent cards with health tips to inform diners about eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle,

For reservations or other enquiries, do call: +91 470 6673300.