Vivanta by Taj - Gurgaon


Alphonso Festival

Latitude, the all-day dining restaurant, serves a choice of cuisine ranging from European specialities to Mediterranean, Pan Asian, Indian and local favourites from Haryana.

Come July and the outlet would bea buzz with the much awaited Alphonso Festival.Known for its aroma, taste and succulence, this exotic mango variety gives diners a whole range ofsavoury delights to choose from.

Latichino Delights

Beat the heat and humidity this summer with revitalising drinks! Mid-August onwards, Latitude serves the most delicious and invigorating cold coffees. Compliment your meal with a yummy glass of cold coffee served over crushed ice. Very restorative!

August 15 onwards

Touch of Italy

Set off on a gastronomic journey to Italy! This September, Latitude’s experimental chefs addmore to its extensive menu and are set to delight diners with an herb perfumed “Italiano” menu featuring a choice of fresh crusty pizzas and al dente pastas prepared the Italian way.

September 5 onwards

Kashmiri Food Festival

Latitude, known to serve both Indian and international cuisine, will host the Kashmiri Food Festival this September. Eulogized by poets, painters, travellers, traders, invaders and royals alike Kashmir has long been levelled to an earthly paradise. Itscuisine is equally reputedfor its elaborate spread of delicacies and infusion ofrare flavours.

With an extensive choice of flavoured vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to choose from dinersare in for a real feast!

September 20


Thai Tutorial

It takes an array of different flavours :sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter to make a Thai preparation.Thai cooking mainly pays emphasis on light dishes where there is perfect juggling of aromatic flavour and spices.

All these elements of Thai cuisine come alive at Thai Pavilion, the iconic restaurant serving the most authentic and delicious Thai cuisine! In July, the restaurant invites gourmands to learn the nuances of Thai cuisine from Master Chef PrajobSoosridham.

July 5 onwards


Cocktails from the World

Distinctive elixirs, the latest music and mouth-watering eats in a vibrant setting, all come together at Tease, the high energy bar, to provide a spirited experience like no other!

While Tease presents an awesome drinks menu throughout the year, it has something very special happening in July. Cocktails from the World promotion present the best classic cocktails of the world. Watch the resident mixologist, as he takes colour, form and style to a different plane as he makes your drink!

July 10 – July 25

Bartender's Night

At Tease, drinks look good and taste even better. From premium spirits to fine wines, innovative cocktails to refreshing mocktails there is something to suit each palate!

In August, the in-house bartender shows off his skills as he presents the latest mixes for your pleasure perfect with the tasty light eats served at Tease!

August 16 – August 26