If the walls could talk, they would whisper tales of sapphire and diamonds; of martini soaked lunches and grand levees; of palaces built and given away on a whim. They would tell you of the famed beauty of princesses & begums; the machismo of maharajas & nizams and their legendary passion for polo and the good life.

We give you a glimpse of unique dining moments that draw inspiration from the days of yore. Royal cuisine from kitchens of the grand palaces relished in the most magical settings will transport you back in time where each dining experience was celebrated with great pomp and splendour.



Mehrangarh Fort Dining Experience

An extravagance of entertainment, the procession winds its way up watching a kaleidoscope of events unfold before them. Folk music and dance performances in alcoves where only eagles would dare! Dine with a view of Jodhpur city awash in lights on one side and the magnificent jharokas and galleries of Mehrangarh Fort bedecked in a golden glow of lights on the other.

Baradari Dining Experience

Guests go down a shimmering candle-lit pathway towards an ethereal marble pavilion in the palace lawns bejeweled with hundreds of candles and gleaming fireworks to savour traditional royal cuisine or delicacies from around the world, surrounded by the architectural splendour of the Meherangarh Fort and the glowing palace fa├žade.

Sunset Pavilion

The guests are taken in a 1940s elevator with carved wood interiors and they make their way through the "Whispers" gallery to begin their journey. The walls have some unique and never before seen picture frames on the Royal Family, Hunting Tradition, Vintage Cars, Jodhpur Flying Club etc. The restaurant is the highest Dining Point in Jodhpur.

October - March I 1900 hrs - 2230 hrs.

For residents only.



Jharokha Dining Experience

To set the mood for a romantic dining experience, dine in your own private Jharokha with flaming torches and a whiff of desert breeze - providing an intimate setting for a memorable evening against the backdrop of the illuminated palace.


One of the finest exclusive dining locations at the palace offered to the guests who need the utmost privacy and tranquillity is Gazebo. Breathtaking settings, exotic floral and candle arrangements envelope you and delight your gastronomy. Where personal preferences meet personalised yet unobtrusive service and live musical performance flows in the background.

Unique Romantic Dining at Baradari

Special dining experiences offered at the Rambagh Palace at the Baradari between the marble arches, lit with glistening flames of candles, surrounded by the lush palace gardens and the whiff of desert breeze.