A legendary wedding banquet is the legacy of a legendary Chef. For it is he who masterminds a seven course meal, a sit-down dinner or a buffet. It is he who makes meals for hundreds and thousands taste like they've been plated and prepared by hand for a table of two. For it is he who walks the dusty markets picking out the freshest salmon and the greenest asparagus. He who insists on the Sous Chef's pasta being only al dente. He who patiently pairs every dish with a bottle of Claret, Cabernet or Pinot Noir. He whose art of intuition and innovation creates a symphony of masterpieces. It is his garnish that makes food look as good as it tastes to the discerning gourmet. It is his careful anticipation of a thousand palates that sets the tone for an unforgettable breakfast, brunch, high tea, cocktail or dinner. At the Taj, our chefs command an intricate knowledge of all local and world cuisines and enough flair to experiment for fusion as well. It is a well-known fact that the dignitaries who dine at our hotels are served by celebrities of equal stature in their own culinary circles.

Sample Menus

An exclusive peek at our sample menus painstakingly put together to suit every palate. Regional Indian cuisines and world cuisines like South East Asian - Pan Asian - Japanese - French - Italian - Spanish - Mediterranean. Mexican to name a few.

sample menu i

Circulatory Snacks
Porcha Yera (Prawns with South Indian Spices), Gosht Nukti on Jeera Khasta, Chicken Spring Roll, Sarson ke Phool, Khumbh Karwari (Curry Leaf Tempered Mushrooms), Shahi Mirch Bhare Aloo, Matar Makai Seekh, Camembert filled Crisp Wontons

Glass Noodle Salad, Bean Sprouts and Tofu Sala, Kimchi, Hara Seb, Sukhe Tamatar aur Barley Salad, Ankoorit Moong aur Anardana, Achari Aloo Asparagus, Hare aur Lal Patton ki Numaish, Salad Panache with Croutons

Khousey Station

ACCOMPANIMENTS: Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Capsicum, Baby Corn, Coriander Leaves, Brown Onions, Noodles, Rice Noodles, Flat Noodles, Steamed Rice, Prawns, Chicken, Lamb

TOPPINGS: Chilly Paste, Mint, Lemon Wedges

Main Course
Masala Art Lamb Galouti/Vegeterian Galouti, Taaza Methi ka Murgh, Hyderabadi Haleem Station (Haleem Served with Sheermal and Nihari), Katliyan Aloo, Paneer Khatta Pyaz, Aloo Wadi ka Bharta, Langarwali Dal, Subz Parda Biryani, Ulte Tawe ka Paratha, Laccha Paratha / Naan / Missi Roti

Northern Spice Bhuna Gosht, Tawa Machli, Lasooni Palak aur Corn, Mushroom Matar Rizzala, Prunes Kofta Curry, Dal Makhani, Yakhni Pulao (Chicken), Tandoori Baingan ka Raita, Dahi Bhalla with Saunth, Freshly Baked Tandoori Breads, Papad / Pickle

Golden Dragon Prawns with Sweet Bean Sauce, Panfried Fish with Spicy Mustard Sauce, Mah La Tofu , Stir Fried Haricot Beans, Spicy Sichuan Chachoi, American Corn wild Pepper, Wothib Asparagus, Stir Fried Hakka Noddles, Onions and Beansprouts, Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice

TAPANAYAKI COUNTER: Assorted Vegetables served on site with choice of your sauces

Almond Tofu, Date Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream, Apple Jalebi, Green Tea Mousse, Kale Jam ka Lancha, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Coco Gulla, Anjeer Kulfi, Cut Fruits on Platter, Chocolate Fountain served with accompaniments

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sample menu ii

Agaaz -The Beginning
Lemon Grass Rasam with Air Dried Berries


Pan Seared Kaireple Kara Dusted Scallop
Sweet Caramelized Tomato Kutt
Guntur Crab Masala Valluli Kara Crab Stick
Tandoori Salmon with Pineapple Relish


Pan Seared Zimmikand Shikampuri with Sandalwood Dust
Ambade Corn Masala with Kalmi Babycorn
Tandoori Sweet Potato with Pineapple Relish

Charcoal Chocolate and Raspberry Sorbet

Mashgool Dastarkhwan

Miriyal Masala Grilled Lobster
Tarmezi Chooza
Gungura Mamsam
Stuffed Malai Gucchi aur Dhingri Badami
Gutu Vangai Masala
Paneer Taztar

Dhakini Saag
Khota Kura Papu
Bhindi Raita

Andhra Subz Pulao
Indian Breads
Theen Mirch Ka Laccha
Chilli Olive Naan
Masala Cheese Kulcha

Holy Basil White Chocolate, Texture of Passion Fruit (Basil White Chocolate Ganache, Passion Fruit Leather, Seeds, Meringue, Gel, Coconut Creme, Tapioca Pearls, Vanilla Dust)

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sample menu iii

Amuse Bouche
Baked French Goat Cheese drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spanish Paprika

Hors D 'Oeuvres
Scottish Smoked Salmon and Creamy Egg Scramble with Sauce Maltaise, Irish Soda Bread Chilled Green and White Dutch Asparagus with Truffle Béarnaise

Fumet of Langoustine accented with X.O. Mushroom Cappuccino enhanced with Morel Dust

Crispy Black Cod, Roasted Tomato with Morel Butter Sauce Pan seared White Shrimps with Sauce Vierge Fricassee of Black Truffle and assorted Fresh Mushroom

Symphonie De Sorbet

Plat Principal Baked Spring Free Range Chicken Breast, Prunes, Fresh Porcini Bouillon based Poached Silver Pomfret with Creamed Green Peas Gnocchi of New Potatoes flavoured with Roquefort and Parsley Rigatoni cooked with Champagne Beurre Blanc

Citrus Fruit Minestrone served with Cinnamon Ice Cream

An innovation in wedding cuisines by grand master Chefs. The days of lavish feasts and opulent dishes are passé as our Chefs' bite-sized culinary delights decorate Noritake platters with flair. Most suited for an intimate and exclusive celebration, the options that play havoc with your palate could be as diverse as dimsums and sushi, tapas and salmon, cold spread buffets, turkey and tortilla wraps, chicken kebabs, pita pockets and tempuras.

To liven up any buffet, experiment with a range of bars. The most notable being chilli bars, bread bars, green bars, pasta bars, salad bars and dessert bars. With a range of cuisines offered over the counter, these bars add to the festivity of any occasion. Each of these bars devotes itself to a particular type of food, specializing in it and cooking up a riot of flavours.

Fusion cuisine could be another talking point with caviar panipuris, shrimp papdis with Indian spices and tamarind chutney capsules. The more adventurous could let the fine wines give way to a refreshing range of sugarcane, guava and black chaat masala sorbets. For dessert, anything from silver salvers arranged with saffron-garnished dessert to exquisitely arranged dessert stands of crème brulee goes.

No matter what you choose, the grand master Chefs at the Taj will give your wedding feast a culinary twist.

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