The Indian Hotels Company Limited (“the Company”) has been practicing good Corporate Governance even before Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) made it a mandatory requirement from 2001. Out of more than 5000 companies listed with the BSE Limited, the Company is categorized as an "A Group" Company which group comprises only 200 companies and the criteria for selection is based on Market Capitalisation, Liquidity, Industry Representation, Listed History and track record of Compliance. Being a TATA group Company, the Company goes beyond the mandatory requirements of Corporate Governance and conducts business in a fair and transparent manner. It maintains good investor relationships and endeavors to deliver to investor consistent quality services. quality services.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors comprises the following:

  Mr. Cyrus P. Mistry   Chairman
  Mr. Shapoor Mistry  
  Mr. Keki B.Dadiseth  
  Mr. Deepak Parekh  
  Mr. Nadir B.Godrej  
  Ms. Ireena Vittal  
  Ms. Vibha Paul Rishi  
  Mr. Gautam Banerjee  
  Dr. N. S. Rajan  
  Mr. Rakesh Sarna   Managing Director
  Mr. Anil P. Goel   Executive Director - Finance
  Mr. Mehernosh S. Kapadia   Executive Director – Corporate Affairs

Committees of the Board
Audit Committee
The Audit Committee comprises three Independent Directors. The members of the committee have the relevant experience in the field of finance, banking and accounting.
The Audit Committee meets at the end of every quarter and reviews with the management the financial statements and results before submission to the Board of Directors. The Committee comprises the following:
Mr. K.B. Dadiseth – Chairman
Mr. Deepak Parekh and Ms. Ireena Vittal.
Stakeholders' Relationship Committee
The Committee comprises Mr. K. B. Dadiseth, Independent Director and Mr. Rakesh Sarna, Managing Director and CEO. Mr. K. B. Dadiseth is the Chairman of the Committee. The Committee meets regularly and reviews the report submitted by the share registry on the status of transfers, demats, redressal of grievances of shareholders, debenture holders and other security holders of the Company, if any.
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
The Committee comprises three Non Executives Directors. An Independent Director chairs the committee. The Company has a remuneration policy in place that is based on criteria such as industry benchmarks, the Company's performance vis-à-vis the industry, performance track record of the Director. The Committee comprises the following:
Mr. K. B. Dadiseth - Chairman
Mr. Cyrus Mistry
Mr. Nadir Godrej
Insider Training
The Company follows a strict code on Insider Trading mandated by the TATA Group. The process is closely monitored and adhered to strictly.
Investor Relations
The Company has a state of art in-house share registry that is registered as a Category I Registrar with SEBI.
The Company has over 1,70,000 members.
As on date approximately 98% of the Equity Share Capital of the Company has been dematerialized.
All correspondence and grievance received from shareholders are responded to within stipulated time.
All valid transfers are processed within a week of receipt. All demat requests are processed within 15 days of receipt
All the financial results are promptly reported to the Stock exchange(s) and published in leading newspapers. The results are also simultaneously uploaded on the Company's web site