The Tata Group has always held that what comes from the society, must, in reasonable measure, go back to it. The Taj is proud to be a part of this legacy, and is deeply committed to serve the community. We recognize that the community is not just another stakeholder in our businesses, but serving the community, especially the underprivileged sections, is central to our core values. We further believe that serving people in the form of corporate volunteering has positive spin-offs by way of reviving a sense of bonding and the spirit of learning in our employees.
Leveraging our competencies
The Taj uses its competencies in areas such as food production, housekeeping and laundry to develop and train ‘raw’ people to enable their earning a livelihood. For example partnering with NGOs to train underprivileged women housewives in hospitality, self-grooming and house-keeping.
Promoting our culture
Globally, the Taj is synonymous to the culture and heritage of India and our ‘Building Livelihoods’ theme is extended to the artisans and craftsmen of India. The Taj, in association with ‘Paramparik Karigar’ identifies the artisans and craftsmen across India, in areas close in and around the location of our hotels and assigns projects to trainees who identify projects that the hotel can take forward. The project provides our trainees with exposure to the unique arts and crafts of India. It gives our trainees a unique opportunity to live within the community and broaden their own outlook. The project has a strong, long-term impact and creates a strong platform for volunteering.