The Gateway Hotel M G Road Vijayawada


Barbeque Grills

Enjoy a day with your family and friends at The Deck over a relaxed meal of barbeques. Savour a choice of delicious grills, kebabs and sizzlers prepared in Continental and North Indian styles as well as with a regional Andhra twist. An à la carte menu as well as a four course meal- with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options - is offered with a combination of Indian breads, dal and biryanis.

April – June | All Days | INR 650 + Taxes for a 4 course combo menu with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options | 1930 to 2330 hrs.


Dhaba Food Festival

Dhabas are ever popular roadside restaurants that serve hot, freshly made local cuisine. Though dhabas are present in different parts of the country, they originated in the Punjab as spots for truck drivers to stop for a home-style meal and over time have come to be synonymous with Punjabi cuisine.

In April, Chef Nishanth Kumar, who hails from the Punjab and has delved into the region’s cuisine, presents an array of lip-smacking Punjabi specialities at the Dhaba Food Festival. The buffet dinner will feature several preparations including Dhaba Kukkar, Ma Choley ki Dal, Paneer Makhana curry and Mutton Ludhianvi. Please come over with your family and friend for a fun and delicious meal.

From April 11 to 20, 2014 l Buffet l INR 699 + Taxes l 1930 to 2330 hrs

Bundelkhand Food Festival

Bundelkhand- a vast history soaked region in Central India spreading across the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh- is dotted with monuments and legends of warriors. Witness to the flow of armies and travellers, the region is rich in several arts including the culinary arts.

In May, Chef Baladin Rajak, -who hails from Bundelkhand and has documented its cuisine- presents the unexplored flavours of the land. The festive dinner buffet will feature a choice of specialities from Bundelkhand including Rawa Gosht, Bhunji Macharia, Murar Ke Kebab and Mahua Ki Kheer.

From May 9 to 18, 2014 l Buffet l INR 699 + Taxes l 1930 to 2330 hrs

Sunday Brunch

Enjoy a completely relaxed Sunday over a leisurely meal with your family and friends! GAD offers the swim and dine promotion at Sunday brunch! Enjoy a dip in the pool to work up an appetite! And then allow yourself an indulgence. The elaborate buffet lunch presents a variety of food to indulge every taste bud with live food stations adding a sparkle to the afternoon.

April – June | Sunday Brunch l Buffet l INR 699 + Taxes l 1230 to 1500 hrs


Indian Street Food Festival

Indulge your love for street food as the chefs recreate a choice of zesty popular street food preparations from different parts of India. Chef Somnath Das, who hails from W. Bengal and has explored flavours of different Indian street foods- presents the Indian Street Food Festival. Savour little known street foods from Kashmir to Kanyakumari as you enjoy treats like Pyaaz Ki Kachori, Chat Bhandar, Kothu Paratha, hot kebabs at the live counter and chilled kulfis at the kulfi bar! Every bite is a delight!

June 13 - 22 l Buffet l INR 699 + Taxes l 1930 to 2330 hrs


Moonlight Dinner

The whisper of the breeze, the song of rustling leaves, the gentle shimmer of water and the moonbeams casting their soft light makes for a magical setting! Couples and families can look forward to a unique dining experience by the poolside. The chefs present a gourmet four-course menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options served with wine. A memorable dining experience!

April – June | All Days l INR 10,000 + Taxes for a 4 course menu with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options with wine for a couple l INR 20,000 + Taxes for a 4 course menu with vegetarian & non-vegetarian options with wine for a table of 4 people l 1930 to 2330 hrs.


Kalyanamastu Package

Marriages may be made in heaven, but they are celebrated on Earth! Host your wedding party at The Gateway Hotel. The hotel offers over 16,000 square feet of banqueting space, including the largest pillarless banquet hall in the city and lovely pre-function areas. A dedicated team of chefs and a choice of attractive wedding packages ensure your most special day will be just the way you would like it to be! Let your blissful journey start at the Taj!