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The Taj Mahal Palace


Argentinean Wine Promotion

The scenic environs and peaceful pace of life of Argentina offer an ideal setting for a bit of self-reflection! And The Taj Mahal Palace is the perfect place to experience an exquisite expression of the beautiful South American country!

All through July, the hotel's award-wining restaurants and bars are serving a selection of the finest wines from different regions of Argentina. The Zodiac Grill, Wasabi, Golden Dragon, Souk, Masala Kraft, Harbour Bar and Starboard are presenting famous Argentinean wines complemented with delicious food for your pleasure. The fruit of Argentina's terroir as carefully crafted by experienced winemakers is yours to enjoy!

All July | À la carte

Spanish Wine Week

Savour a fantastic flavour of Spain! For two weeks in September, the hotels award- wining restaurants and bars- The Zodiac Grill, Wasabi, Golden Dragon, Souk, Masala Kraft, Harbour Bar and Starboard- are hosting the Spanish Wine Week to bring you the pleasure of enjoying wines from the different regions of the country.

Please come over to discover the nuances in tastes, texture, aroma and body of a choice of Spanish wines. Learn how different terroirs influence wine as you swirl, sniff and sip superb Spanish wines. From light fruity whites to full-bodied reds, from still to sparkling wines... Spain has an amazing variety of wines for novices and connoisseurs to enjoy. Come over to set off on an enjoyable wine trail!

September 15 – 30 | À la carte


Assam & Darjeeling Tea Promotion

Sea Lounge, the legendary all-day dining restaurant, has been a favourite with generations of guests. With a picturesque view of the Mumbai harbour and historic Gateway of India, live piano music and an extensive menu featuring multi-cuisine delights and beverages as well a charming high tea it is the perfect spot to relax at any time of the day.

In July the restaurant presents a special à la carte menu featuring fine teas from famed Single Estates of Assam and Darjeeling. Savour a choice of teas from light and elegant to rich and flavourful, carefully brewed from an exotic handpicked selection of first flush teas. Complimented with delicious light eats, the fine teas- with a taste and aroma that soothes the senses- makes an utterly soothing experience. The enduring charm of Sea Lounge, the views and music enhance the elegance of the moment.

All July | À la carte


Homemade Cocktails Bottles

The food and beverage team at The Taj Mahal Palace have come up with a unique concept of homemade cocktail bottles. A heady combination of fruits, herbs and spices, steeped in alcoholic spirits, the cocktails make for a fascinating twist in the art of mixology. Sip on a refreshing drink and enjoy its flavours, depth and dimensions created by our innovative team!

All August | À la carte


Independence Day Brunch

The menu of India's first 24 hrs coffee shop dons patriotic colours in honour of Independence Day! Shamiana presents a special buffet brunch to mark India's 67th Independence Day. The elaborate spread -of traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian favourites from different Indian states -showcases India's rich culinary heritage. Please come over to celebrate a very special occasion and the unique diversity of India with a special gastronomical journey through India!

August 15 | Special brunch

Parsi New Year Celebrations

Most communities mark important celebrations with a feast, but none do it quite like the Parsis! Their festive repasts are a delight to the senses and a grand celebration of good times.

Experience the delight of a Parsi feast at the special Parsi New Year brunch hosted by Shamiana. The restaurant warmly welcomes its Parsi patrons and other diners to celebrate the joyous occasion with family and friends over an elaborate buffet. The spread showcases traditional celebratory fare-created with meats, seafood, nuts, spices and fruits, as well as array of Indian, Continental and Chinese treats.

August 18 | Special brunch


Wasabi Anniversary Celebrations

Wasabi by Morimoto, the stylish award-wining Japanese restaurant overlooking the harbour, serves artfully presented authentic Japanese cuisine by famous Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The restaurant offers a choice of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialities including seafood delicacies.

Grand Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi presents a specially crafted menu to celebrate the restaurant's tenth anniversary. An exclusive and extraordinary dining experience to celebrate 10 glorious years of delighting diners with superlative Japanese delicacies!

August 30 | Special festival pricing


Xian Pao Festival

Golden Dragon, India's first authentic Sichuan restaurant, presents a delightful menu of specialities from different regions of China reflective of the extensive travels and efforts of Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi and his team. The live kitchen, the focal point of the stylish restaurant, enhances the dining experience as guests can watch the chefs in action.

In August the restaurant celebrates the Xian Pao Festival with a delectable feast. A special menu featuring a choice of artistically presented gastronomic delicacies including varieties of pao and dim sums is being presented. A perfect celebratory feast!

August (Date yet to be decided) | À la carte


Temple Cuisine

Masala Kraft, the contemporary Indian restaurant, is delighted to offer diners Temple Cuisine during the holy Navratri season. Pure and sacred, temple food is has traditionally been prepared at temples as an act of devotion. The special à la carte menu is inspired by the holy dishes from nine of India's most revered and holy temples. A truly special meal prepared akin an act of devotion.

September 25 – October 3 | À la carte

Vivanta by Taj - President


Ice Teas

Arizona experiences this monsoon brings along new refreshing Ice Tea's. A deep sense of appeal and glamour is perfectly suited to the ritual of ice tea preparation which one cannot wait to sip over. With mixing of Fruits & Teas together with their intense aromatic flavours to make excellent iced drinks. The mercury has been touching new highs and everyone is looking for some respite..........

July 10 - July 24, 2014 | À la carte


Infused cocktails

A crowd-pleasing novelty that graces only the trendiest bar shelves, infused sprits have become cocktail highlights. Here at wink bartenders bring forth their versatility of blending concoctions, into depth of flavours, taste and delightful infused cocktails out of great experiments to look forward to meet your personal tastes and surprise. The concept is to marry a variety of choice flavors into a base liquor to create a custom-flavored spirit..........

August 1 - August 15, 2014 | À la carte


Fresh Fruit Martinis

They sound so sophisticated and old fashioned but "The Great Martini Era Evolves" through every decade. Here at Thai come to think over, in nearly every realm of art and culture, the grumpy old white male has been excised from the canon, but now expectt more at Thai when it comes to cocktails like Fruit Martini's........

September 5th, 2014 onwards | À la carte



The Rain's of Bombay correlates you to "Something a little wet". Therefore there is no better way to celebrate and indulge in "Mojito Rain festive" this end of monsoons at Vivanta by Taj President. Float yourself in drinks like the Mojito Mint Cooler, the Frozen Majito Daiquiri, Watermelon Mojito and a Mojito Mix Infusions cocktails..........

August 20th - September 5th, 2014 | À la carte


Parsi New Year

Bring on the festivity and Celebrate the parsi new year with our mouth watering Parsi delicacy handpicked by our chef and laid down on a sumptous dinner buffet along with a wide selection of drinks in your beloved Konkan Café

Aug 18, 2014 | Buffet

Vivanta by Taj - Blue Diamond


Clay Pot Festival

Whispering Bamboo, the charming restaurant serving superlative Chinese cuisine, is famous for its classic and signature dishes.

In July the restaurant is hosting the Clay Pot Festival featuring a choice of aromatic, delicious and tender food from the heart of the earth! Each dish is exquisitely infused with the delicate flavours of its clay and fire.

All the delicacies on the special à la carte menu are prepared in clay pots which slow cooks the dishes giving them a light flavour and tenderness making them a delight to the palate. The menu features delicacies like Braised Lobster with Homemade Noodles, Sliced Roasted Duck with E-Fu Noodles, Gems of Oceans in Home XO with Lemon Grass Scented Rice, Shredded Lamb with Caramelized Onions and Bean Sprouts on Steamed, Rice Vermicelli, Pan Fried Chicken & Black Mushroom with Jasmine Rice, Clay Pot Mushrooms, and Tofu and Angel Hair. Please come over to savour a memorable feast for the senses!

July 11 - 27 | All Days | Lunch & Dinner | A La Carte


Shorshe Machh: Bengali Food promotion

Infused with a touch of Maharashtrian culture and overlooking the pool, Mystic Masala is a lovely spot to relax over a delicious Indian meal or savour local Maharashtrian specialities.

In August, Mystic Masala invites diners to set off on a delightful journey through the culinary landscapes of W. Bengal as the chef prepares a spread of lip- smacking, authentic Bengali delicacies. From Chingri Malai Curry to Machher Jhal, Aloo Posto, Rossogolla and much more...there is a treat awaiting gourmands who enjoy trying out regional cuisines.

August 1 - 10 | All Days | Lunch & Dinner | A La Carte


International Curry Fest

The easy style, trendy furnishings, openness, pool view and extensive menu of classic and comfort Indian and international dishes make Latitude a perfect spot for a meal at any time of the day or night.

In September, the restaurant hosts the International Curry Festival. The chefs are all set to take guests on a culinary tour of the world as they present timeless curry dishes from different countries. The special à la carte menu features a choice of curry preparations from Ceylon Prawn Curry to Mexican Lamb Stew and flavourful Thai curries. A delightful meal that will leave you feeling on top of the world!

September 1 - 15 | All Days | Lunch & Dinner | A La Carte