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Olympic Revelry at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

~Enjoy the exhilarating Olympics at Shamiana, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai ~

27th July 2012

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai invites you to be a part of the Olympic revelry at Shamiana this season, starting 27th July to 12th August. Be part of the excitement, action and high voltage drama on the London stadiums right here at Shamiana, watch your favourite team compete on the big screen and choose delicious dishes with are inspired by the different sports and also named after them!

Show your true team spirit by ordering from the special menu available! Begin the race with the Backstroke, a mouth-watering cured Norwegian salmon or a Springboard, tender chicken meatballs bathed in morel cream. Vegetarians will cheer for Decathlon, battered fried asparagus or the Steeplechase, delicious fried noodles with vegetable soya ginger

2 appetizing soups Epee, truffled green pea and Triple Jump, ghent chicken waterzooi too made the selection of favourites.

Pit the myriad textures Pole Vault, root veg ‘lancashire’ hot pot, versus those of Balance beam, japchae-glass noodles, vegetables kalbi and several more vegetarian delicacies Non-vegetarians can support their favourite among  Marathon, lamb shank with cous cous  or Keelboat, flavourful sea bass, chive mash, edamame and bacon or even  Quad Scull, turkey stroganoff, beaten rice risotto

Mark the end to an action packed meal with sinful desserts as the Javelin takes on the Triathlon, High Jump and Sprint Race, special dishes which will call for an ovation.

This year, the Olympics ensures to be even bigger and better, with a lot more fun, excitement, nail-biting moments, engaging action and most importantly, sports that enthrals us all! Shamiana will recreate the spirit of the stadium with excitement. And the special exotic dishes crafted specially to add to the viewing pleasure!

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