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The return of Xi’an @ The Taj Mahal Palace

~Xi’an Chinese food festival at the Taj Mahal Palace starts from 5th August to 12th August, 2012~

5th August 2012

Mumbai, July 31, 2012: Indians are huge addicts of Chinese food. We all have tried the authentic Chinese food and hogged on the Indian Chinese food; however, most of us for sure have not tried or even heard of the Mediterranean Chinese food. Xi’an cuisine gained huge popularity since the Anthony Bourdain’s show ‘No reservations’.

If you are tempted to try this new stimulating culinary experience you need not travel abroad. Golden Dragon at The Taj Mahal Palace brings the famous Xi'an food festival to the city of Mumbai. Xi’an does not serve the typical Chinese food, just as Xi'an is not the typical Chinese city. This unique cuisine can be best described as a fusion of Middle Eastern and Chinese food. Our renowned Chefs will whip up authentic Xi’an dishes giving Mumbai a taste of this unique cuisine.

One can enjoy the famous Xi’an Seafood Chowder soup and Deep fried dumplings which are famous in Xi’an cuisine. Starters like Roujiamo, the famous street food from the Shaanxi Province or the mouthwatering Barbecue of lamb chops, chicken and vegetable will leave guests asking for more. Biang Biang Noodles, a Classic Hand-Pulled Noodle with choice of Vegetables& Chicken goes ideal with Stone Wok Cooked Chicken with Basil or the Xi’an fish.

Don't settle for imitations! Forget what you think you know about Chinese food, and join the true experience at Golden Dragon to enjoy famous cuisine of Xi’an!

For reservations call 91 - 022 - 66653366

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