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30th September 2012

Mumbai, September 30, 2012: The next full moon in August ushers in an auspicious and special occasion in the Chinese calendar - The August Moon Festival. To commemorate this festive occasion, Golden Dragon - Mumbai’s first authentic Sichaun restaurant, at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai has planned the August Moon Festival, from 30th September to 14th October 2012.

At the festival, tickle your taste buds with starters such as Beancurd five spice pepper salt, Shredded potato, konjee naro sauce or even Crispy orange chicken and spicy Chinese red chili. Indulge in the choicest of dimsums including Rice paper roll with mix vegetables & mayonnaise and Quail egg dimsum. Whet your appetite some more with mouthwatering soups such as Bean curd and asparagus soup and Lemongrass scented seafood soup. The main course includes festive specials such as Eggplant chili bean sauce, Chinese cabbage roll with butter garlic sauce, Stirfried shredded Lamb Gaunxi and Panfried tenderloin steak, garlic pepper sauce to name a few. Complete the traditional feast with a choice of traditional mooncakes or an innovative Five spice Rhubarb and raspberry Cheesecake as dessert.

Held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the August Moon festival is one of the most celebrated Chinese holidays. Just like the Sun is worshiped in the West (Yang/Male), the same way people in the Far East admire the Moon (Ying/Female).

Chinese families celebrate the end of the harvest season with a big feast and send mooncakes to friends and relatives as a way of thanks giving. According to the Chinese legend, the moon is at its brightest and roundest on this day, and children try and spot the Moon Maiden to make their wishes come true. Under this bright autumn moon, friendships are made and renewed. For many years, Chinese poets wrote about long lost lovers finding their way to each other on this special night - perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

Its time once again, to bring together family friends and good food as we invite you for the thanksgiving with delicacies from around China.

Join us in reliving this ancient Chinese custom during The August Moon Festival at Golden Dragon.

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